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In the DigiFreq News area you can find direct links to all of the latest music technology product releases as well as other related news. Just click on any link below to read more about that announcement. If you have information about a new product release that you would like to see listed here, please submit it.
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* : Best Service releases Celtic ERA Virtual Instrument by Eduardo Tarilonte

* : ENHANCIA launches MIDI ring controller Neova on Kickstarter

* : Best Service releases Chris Hein Ensemble Strings Virtual Instrument

* : Native Instruments releases SESSION GUITARIST - ELECTRIC SUNBURST

* : Best Service announces the release of Chris Hein Solo Strings EXtended Virtual Instrument Library

* : Soundiron releases MICRORGAN 49-Key Analog Synth for KONTAKT

* : IK Multimedia announces Total Studio 2 MAX - the Ulimate Music Software Collection

* : Sample Logic releases new library - TRAILER XPRESSIONS II - THE BOOM EXPERIENCE

* : SONAR relaunches as Cakewalk by BandLab - Iconic DAW Now Free to Download for Everyone

* : Contemporary Orchestration: A Practical Guide to Instruments, Ensembles, and Musicians from Routledge

* : Kirk Hunter Studios releases Front Row Violins - World's Best Virtual Violin KONTAKT Library

* : Theory Essentials for Today's Musician from Routledge

* : BandLab Technologies Announces Acquisition of Cakewalk Inc. Assets

* : Eventide Announces H9 Control Android App for H9 Harmonizer Effects Processor

* : IK Multimedia iRig Keys I/O integrated control now available for GarageBand and Logic Pro X

* : Output Releases ANALOG BRASS & WINDS - Next Level Air Virtual Instrument

* : Ableton releases Live 10 Music Production Software with New Features and Refinements

* : On the Track: A Guide to Contemporary Film Scoring, 2nd Edition from Routledge

* : Groove Monkee releases DOOM Rock and Metal MIDI Loops - Get 25% off!

* : Audio Production and Critical Listening: Technical Ear Training, 2nd Edition from Focal Press

* : The Audio Expert: Everything You Need to Know About Audio, 2nd Edition from Focal Press

* : Jazz Theory: From Basic to Advanced Study, 2nd Edition from Routledge

* : UJAM Announces New Virtual Drummer Plug-in Series

* : Handbook for Sound Engineers, 5th Edition from Focal Press

* : Mixing Audio: Concepts, Practices, and Tools, 3rd Edition from Focal Press

* : Eventide announces availability of Anthology XI as 'everything' bundle breakthrough

* : A Practical Guide to Choral Conducting from Routledge

* : Eventide releases MangledVerb reverb plug-in as part of its H9 Signature Series

* : Soundiron releases Antidrum Machine Exploratory Percussion Toolbox Virtual Instrument

* : Soundiron releases Magnus Chord Organ Virtual Instrument


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