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SRG Sites > DigiFreq > News > Spitfire Audio releases ABBEY ROAD ORCHESTRA: METAL PERCUSSION Professional Sample Library
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Spitfire Audio releases ABBEY ROAD ORCHESTRA: METAL PERCUSSION Professional Sample Library
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Spitfire Audio releases ABBEY ROAD ORCHESTRA: METAL PERCUSSION Professional Sample LibraryAbbey Road Orchestra: Metal Percussion combines both an expertly curated library of orchestral staples and a crafted collection of distinctive sounds and textures. With 58 hand-picked instruments in total, versatility is key — whether you need a classic crash sound or want to experiment with the variety of inspiring tones offered by the oil drum, this library covers all your bases.

Masterfully engineered by award-winning Simon Rhodes, in the legendary space of Abbey Road Studio One, and performed by world-renowned percussionist Joby Burgess, Metal Percussion takes sampling to new heights to incite you to add more inspired percussion, with shimmering metallic textures, shattering hits and otherworldly sounds.

The third installment of Abbey Road Orchestra – the most detailed range of sample libraries we have ever created – Metal Percussion will be instantly familiar to Low and High Percussion users. Housed in the same Abbey Road Orchestra plugin and drawing on the same innovative features, intuitive mapping allows for easy layering and go-between to amplify the authenticity of your composition.

“What makes this collection incredibly special is all of this attention to detail. Combine the individual elements — Joby’s incredible understanding of his collection of instruments, Simon’s particular way of micing everything and setting up the mixes, the level of detail offered in the features, such as the right/left mapping— and you get so much more than some percussion chucked at the back of the room - it can become such a significant part of your production.”

— Paul Thomson, Spitfire Audio


Metal Percussion encapsulates a thoughtfully curated collection of versatile and diverse percussive instruments. Inclusive of both classic orchestral staples, such as a variety of cymbals and crashes, and more eclectic cinematic sounds and texture, such as the oil drum, waterphone and giant crasher, this library truly inspires organic composition.

Hand selected by world renowned percussionist Joby Burgess, the majority of these instruments come from his personal collection — which has been used extensively on major Hollywood productions — and offers true diversity. Whether you're looking for the delicacy of bells and chimes, the roaring sounds of the thundersheet or something more abstract like the variety of textural elements played on the oil drum, this library layers and combines beautifully to spark your imagination and inspire your own patches and creations.


Orchestral Staples
- The finest orchestral samples:
-- An expertly curated selection of 58 percussive instruments, including but not limited to myriad cymbals, tam-tams, and three triangles
-- Up to 10 round robins
-- Up to 10 dynamic layers
-- 409 articulations, including discrete right and left hand performances

Inspirational Instrumentation
- Boundless creativity:
-- A Joby Burgess hand-selected range of unique elements and metallic tones including an oil drum, trash cans, a waterphone and many more to inspire your creativity
-- A wealth of both standard and alternative techniques, including mallets, brushes, sticks, hammers, bowed cymbals, scrapes and superball drags
-- A huge sonic pallet, from trashy scrap metals to meditative temple bowls which excite the glorious acoustic of Studio One

Realism at Play
- Key features to ease playability:
-- Voice Choking precisely controls the end of ringing cymbal hits and roll techniques when pressing the corresponding hit keys
-- Two Handed Layout which mirrors mapped keys further up the keyboard to enable flexibility and speed when playing
-- Right/Left Mapping recalls left and right hand performances on adjacent keys for playing and programming true-to-life rudiments
-- Presented in the same plug-in as Low and High Percussion, with the same intuitive layout and mapping.


A host to celebrated classical recordings from Elgar and Prokofiev, as well as iconic film scores from Raiders of the Lost Ark, Return of the Jedi, The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy, and the more recent releases of Avengers: Endgame, Black Panther and Tar, Studio One needs no introduction.

Home to one of the greatest in-house collections of vintage and modern microphones and a control room fitted with a 72-channel Neve 88 RS console with a unique and comprehensive surround monitor section, Studio One is the perfect setting for our meticulously planned recording sessions. Our aim is to work with the best, to deliver you the world’s most detailed sampling orchestra and Abbey Road – one of the most in-demand recording studios in the film scoring landscape – was the perfect space to make this happen.

“Spitfire Audio are undoubtedly the best team in the world to deliver something truly groundbreaking. The bar has been raised exceedingly high and this is only the beginning for the Abbey Road Orchestra series. It feels like we are all in for a remarkable journey.”

— Mirek Stiles Head of Audio Products, Abbey Road Studios


This library has been formed by some of the world’s best producers in music recording, created for professional composers of film, television, game and performance.

Joby Burgess – Joby’s playing can be heard on major film and TV scores, notably leading the percussion sections on Black Panther, Rocketman, Ad Astra, Mission: Impossible, The Darkest Hour, Dr Who and The Green Planet.

Simon Rhodes – Simon joined the EMI Abbey Road Studios in 1987. He is now Senior Engineer and has a long standing association with various composers including the late James Horner with whom he worked for 18 years on over 40 projects including Avatar, one of the highest grossing films of all time.

For more information, visit: SpitfireAudio.com

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