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SONAR X3 Power! - The Comprehensive Guide

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In the DigiFreq Contest area you can sign up to have the chance to win free music recording products each month. These are brand-name products from major manufacturers like Cakewalk, Sony, Native Instruments and more! Just follow the instructions below to join in on the fun and have the chance to win!

This contest has been completed. Thanks for your participation!

For the current contest, DigiFreq and Gobbler are giving away two free 50GB 1-Year Gobbler accounts!

Imagine a day where all your audio projects are completely safe, fast and easy to send and receive between collaborators, and never lost or disorganized -- all without any hassle...There's no need to dream, that day is already here!

Meet Gobbler, the cloud that was purpose-built to make life better for audio folks everywhere. Now you can focus on creating your masterpiece, and Gobbler will automagically save every new version of it to the cloud in the background as you go. You can rest assured that it'll always be completely safe and accessible to you from anywhere, anytime. Want to send a project back and forth between your engineer, your producer, and your piccolo player? Gobbler can do all that, too, easily and in record time with its powerful large file transfer technology. You can even rely on Gobbler to help you manage all your projects, across all your drives, with it's one intelligent, global view interface, so that you're never disorganized and always creating.

But there's more! Gobbler is also integrated directly into the dashboard of Pro Tools and SONAR X3 so you can protect your creative genius without ever leaving your favorite DAW.

So what are you waiting for? Join Chris Lake, Dave Pensado, John Legend, Howie Weinberg, this guy, and over 100,000 others like you in 120 countries. Let Gobbler focus on your files so you can focus on your music. Click here to get Gobbler now.

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