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In the DigiFreq News area you can find direct links to all of the latest music technology product releases as well as other related news. Just click on any link below to read more about that announcement. If you have information about a new product release that you would like to see listed here, please submit it.
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* : Softube sets sights on recording reel world with Tape plug-in

* : iRig Pro I/O - the Most Advanced Mobile Audio/MIDI Interface is Now Shipping from IK Multimedia

* : Cakewalk Kicks off 30th Anniversary with Major SONAR Update

* : Best Service announces the release of Sonuscore's The Orchestra Virtual Sample Library

* : Unfiltered Audio ups ultimate delay ante with latest Sandman Pro plugin update to die for

* : Unfiltered Audio announces availability of Instant Delay plugin exclusively from Plugin Alliance

* : Output Releases Platform - A Desk For Musicians, Designed By Musicians

* : Softube announces availability of Console 1 Mk II with UAD Powered Plug-Ins support

* : Ueberschall releases the Ukulele Instrument Series Elastik Library

* : Kenton makes managing multiple data streams simpler with eight-input MIDI merge unit - MERGE-8

* : Acon Digital Releases Restoration Suite 1.8 with Improved DeNoise Tool

* : Native Instruments releases THRILL Virtual Instrument for Film Scoring

* : Wide Blue Sound partners with Native Instruments to harness hardware integration for ORBIT and ECLIPSE

* : Soundiron announces release of Requiem Light Symphonic Choir 3.0 for Kontakt

* : Cakewalk and Synchro Arts Announce VocALign ARA Integration with SONAR

* : Propellerhead Announces Free Reason 9.5 Update with VST Support

* : Capturing a World of Sounds with Sean Murray and the TASCAM DR-100mkIII

* : Arturia Announces the Step Black Edition - KeyStep, BeatStep, and BeatStep Pro Sequencer Controllers

* : Audified announces availability of attractively-priced plug-in Studio Bundle of joy

* : Yamaha Expands MX Series with 88-Key, Weighted-Action MX88 Synthesizer Keyboard

* : Best Service releases Evolution Atlantica Virtual Instrument for Kontakt

* : Best Service releases Evolution Dragon Virtual Instrument for Kontakt

* : BT PHOBOS Polyconvolution Synthesizer sees Spitfire Audio aiming for the Stars with Notable Namesake Co-Creator

* : Plugin Alliance announces availability of bx_subfilter Sub-Shaping Plug-In for Free

* : Metal Music Manual: Producing, Engineering, Mixing, and Mastering Contemporary Heavy Music from Focal Press

* : accSone releases crusher-X 6 Granular Synthesizer Plug-In

* : Arturia announces KeyLab Essential MIDI Keyboard Controllers

* : Applied Acoustics Systems announces the release of the Objeq Delay effect processor

* : Rob Papen puts Predator2 in the hands of NI hardware users with welcome NKS-supporting update

* : Softube launches Doepfer A-101-2 Vactrol LPG low pass gate module for Modular


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