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Spitfire Audio Abbey Road Orchestra: Symphonic Strings

Spitfire Audio releases Abbey Road Orchestra: Symphonic Strings sample librarySpitfire Audio, the world renowned producer of sample libraries, is excited to unveil Abbey Road Orchestra Symphonic Strings, the next step of their current collaboration with Abbey Road Studios.

This latest release includes the launch of:
- Abbey Road Orchestra 2nd Violins (Core and Pro)
- Abbey Road Orchestra Violas (Core and Pro)
- Abbey Road Orchestra Basses (Core and Pro)
- Abbey Road Orchestra Symphonic Strings (Core and Pro)

Abbey Road Orchestra Symphonic Strings combines all of the range’s string instruments into one plug-in: 1st Violins, 2nd Violins, Violas, Cellos and Basses. It gives users access to a 60-piece string section consisting of the world’s premier musicians, all performing in the iconic Studio One at Abbey Road.

The new bundle, as well as each of the five individual instruments, are available in both Core and Professional tiers.

Users have the option to purchase each of these virtual instruments individually or as a complete package of five instruments, even if users already own one instrument...

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Arturia releases FX Collection 5

Arturia releases FX Collection 5 - Reference Effects for Music MakersA selection of 34 precision-engineered effects for studio mixing and creative production, FX Collection 5 includes a range of technical mixing tools for all your mixing needs as well as limitless possibilities to find your unique sound.


_FX Collection 5 now includes 34 titles, including compressors, bus enhancers, modulations, tape, preamps, reverbs, delays, filters, distortions and creative tools.

_From vintage to modern: FX Collection 5 combines authentically modelled studio emulations with brand new effects.

_In-app tutorials: learn every effect and parameter in detail to get the most out of any sound.

_Seamless workflow with over 1400 factory presets: enjoy intuitive preset browsing, low-latency performance, and streamlined GUIs

_Compatibility: Full NKS VST3 support and compatible with Apple M series processors

_Accessibility: Real-time text-to-speech feedback on presets, parameters, and values for visually-impaired users.

_Hi-res 4K interfaces...

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Arturia MiniBrute V - Ferocious Analog Softsynth

MiniBrute V - Ferocious Analog Softsynth arrives from ArturiaReleased in 2012, when analog innovation was in a lull, MiniBrute set out to reinvigorate and revolutionize the scene with its small, affordable analog architecture that could be used by beginners and pros alike.

Co-designed and engineered by craftsman synth legend Yves Usson, with a pure analog signal path and several innovative features MiniBrute set a new standard and became legendary.

12 years later, MiniBrute has been reinvented...


Capturing the unruly and aggressive character of MiniBrute while enhancing its usability.

MiniBrute V not only recreates the distinctive analog grit of its hardware predecessor,but elevates it with modern flexibility, expanded polyphony and a built-in FX rack - add the brute spirit to your production...

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Eventide Riptide - Uni-Vibe Effects Pedal

Eventide Riptide pedal delivers the Shin-ei Uni-Vibe sound for your songsEventide Audio has introduced its new Riptide pedal, the result of extensive research into the iconic Shin-ei Uni-Vibe® and legendary overdrives. The Uni-Vibe delivered swirling vibey waves of lush modulation recognizable on tracks by Jimi Hendrix, David Gilmour and Robin Trower. Overdrive is the classic distortion technique originally discovered by guitarists cranking their amps to the max and driving the vacuum tubes into heavy saturation. These two classic effects are offered with the Riptide pedal as “Vibe” and “Drive.”

Riptide features two distinct voicings each for both Vibe and Drive, delivered in glorious stereo. The two colors of balanced, touch-sensitive overdrive distortion are Green for a dynamic mid-range crunch and Red for a smooth and boosted overdrive sound. The Green for Vibe captures the richness and modulation of the original Uni-Vibe – enhanced by stereo output – while Red offers a deeper, phase-y effect. Players can effortlessly reorder the process from Drive into Vibe or Vibe into Drive, and any combination of parameters can be mapped to an expression pedal.

Three knobs for Drive, three for Vibe, and a pair of dual-action latching or momentary footswitches provide players effect control, with...

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Eventide Launches H3000 Mk II Plug-Ins

Eventide Launches H3000 Mk II Plug-InsEventide announces the second generation of its universally acclaimed H3000 plug-ins, delivering a 1:1 recreation in digital form of its legendary H3000 Harmonizer. As one of the most famous hardware effects processors in history, the H3000 has set the gold standard in commercial studios around the world since its original launch in 1988.

The H3000 Factory Mk II multi-FX plug-in is priced at $199, and the H3000 Band Delays Mk II plug-in is priced at $149. Both plug-ins are available as of May 1st on the Eventide Audio website and dealers worldwide.

The new H3000 Mk II plug-ins feature:

- Brand new modeling of the analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converter sections of the original H3000.
- Filter recreations accurately replicate the resonance and self-oscillation behavior of the hardware, faithfully capturing its magical sound.
- Modern graphics that highlight the iconic design of the H3000 Harmonizer, now with a resizable user interface.

"The H3000 Mk II plug-ins are the culmination of years of research into what makes the original H3000 Ultra-Harmonizer so impactful,” said Project Lead and Software Developer, David Baylies...

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iZotope RX 11 Audio Post and Music Production Software

iZotope releases RX 11 Audio Post and Music Production SoftwareiZotope, a part of Native Instruments, has announced RX 11, the latest version of Hollywood’s favorite toolkit for intelligent audio repair. Featuring a powerful standalone editor and a full suite of plugins, RX 11 solves unsolvable problems for audio post production, music, and content creation. Infused with state-of-the-art machine learning technology, RX 11 adds new tools and improves beloved modules to help you handle everything from common audio problems, to the trickiest of sonic rescues.

What does iZotope RX do?
RX combines the power of visual-based spectral editing with purpose-built tools for fixing and polishing audio. With the RX Spectrogram, you can visually target specific issues like unwanted reverb, clicks, clipping, hum, and background noise with tailored repair modules. Plus, to get great results fast, the next generation of RX’s Repair Assistant intelligently recognizes and addresses specific problems, which can be adjusted with easy-to-use dials.

What’s new in iZotope RX 11?...

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Spitfire Audio AIR Studios Reverb effects plug-in

Spitfire Audio has released the AIR Studios Reverb effects plug-inSpitfire Audio, the world-renowned creator of high-quality sample libraries for composers and music makers proudly presents the release of their first effects plug-in, AIR Studios Reverb, in collaboration with London’s iconic AIR Studios. Marking a significant milestone, AIR Studios has extended unprecedented access to Spitfire Audio, enabling them to sample their unique acoustics for the very first time.

The launch comes after two years of research and technological development. With AIR Reverb, artists can create exactly the sound they want by positioning anywhere in AIR Studios using Spitfire Audio’s “Virtual Positioning Technology.” Spitfire Audio has utilized Impulse Response technology which allows for the recording and reproducing of a room’s response to an audio signal positioned within the room thus meticulously crafting the user’s chosen ambience. With Spitfire having recorded over 67,000 Impulse Responses, AIR Studios Reverb offers a level of detail greater than any Impulse Response reverb currently available.

Configurable Hall settings...

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PreSonus Quantum USB-C Audio Interfaces

PreSonus Launches New Range of Premium Interfaces - Quantum USB-C Audio InterfacesPreSonus has launched a new line of Quantum Audio Interfaces available in four models: Quantum ES 2, Quantum ES 4, Quantum HD 2, and Quantum HD 8.

These interfaces offer creators the ability to produce, record, mix, and master their audio all in one space with unrivaled hardware and software integration. Featuring all-new MAX-HD mic preamps with +75 dB of gain, high quality low-noise converters, custom-low latency drivers, and front-facing instrument inputs co-developed with Fender®, Quantum will allow users to capture their creativity and power their production projects. Best yet, these high-speed USB-C audio interfaces will seamlessly integrate with Studio One, so users can select from custom templates and control Quantum directly from their DAW.

Users can level up their recording experience with new powerful features like:...

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Relanunch of Spitfire Symphony Orchestra Sample Library

REVIEW: Spitfire Audio has relaunched their Spitfire Symphony Orchestra line as a new bundle entitled, Spitfire Symphony Orchestra. The 2024 Spitfire Symphony Orchestra combines all the Air Lyndhurst libraries into a single package. It features a new interface that utilizes Kontakt 7's latest capabilities, addresses numerous audio sample issues, and introduces new legato scripting developed by Andy Blaney. This new bundle includes: Symphonic Strings, Symphonic Brass, Symphonic Woodwinds, Symphonic Percussion, Orchestral Grand Piano, Harp, and Spitfire Masse Orchestral Ensembles... all at the newly updated bundle price of only $629.00 (when not on sale for an even lower price). In addition, customers who already own some of the previous libraries in this bundle receive a discount, and customers who own all the previous libraries receive this new updated bundle for free.

The recordings for all sections took place at the renowned AIR Lyndhurst Hall, one of the world's largest recording facilities. It has been a venue of choice for numerous famous scores over the past decade, including Gladiator, Harry Potter, and How to Train Your Dragon. By utilizing Air Studios and engaging the same musicians employed in these blockbuster productions, Spitfire is providing composers with a sample library capable of producing authentic orchestral compositions for film, television, and video games...

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Ableton Live 12 music production software

Ableton releases Ableton Live 12 music production softwareAbleton Live 12 is now available to buy at Ableton.com and at local retailers worldwide. If you pre-ordered Live 12, you can now download it from your account page.

This major update gives music makers new tools for starting and building on their ideas, fresh soundsand devices to spark inspiration, and workflow changes to encourage uninterrupted creative flow. For a headstart on the key features, check out our Learn Live videos.

You can also now explore our new interactive companion site to learn about the various kinds oftuning systems that come with Live. Each tuning preset in Live links to a page on the site, where youcan read about the tuning, experiment with interactive widgets, and even edit and create your owntunings for use in Live.

What's New in Live 12 - Form Ideas Freely

- MIDI Transformations and Generators – Use MIDI Transformations to add ornaments and articulations, draw acceleration and deceleration curves, connect successive notes and chords, and simulate the strum of a guitar. And take advantage of MIDI Generators that let you conjure up playful and original ideas for you to develop and turn into your own...

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Spitfire Symphony Orchestra Kontakt 7 Library

Spitfire Audio releases new Spitfire Symphony Orchestra Kontakt 7 LibrarySpitfire Audio, the world’s leading creator of sounds and high-quality sample libraries for music makers, announces the relaunch of Spitfire Symphony Orchestra ("SSO").

Originally captured a decade ago in the state-of-the-art space of Lyndhurst Hall (also known as “The Hall”) in AIR Studios – founded by legendary producer of The Beatles and Oscar-nominated composer, Sir George Martin and known for its exceptional acoustics – and crafted by Spitfire Audio’s team of expert in-house creatives over a period of five years, SSO is recognized as the fundamental choice for the professional-tier composer and heralded by a multitude of AAA music makers worldwide.

Performed by London’s first-call orchestral players, the newly enhanced SSO sample library features a revolutionary legato programming transformation that has been created by Andrew Blaney, introducing a new level of expressiveness and realism. Composers can now attain seamless and emotive transitions between notes, skillfully capturing the subtleties of a live orchestral performance with exceptional precision...

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Spitfire Audio Crystal Bowls by Aska Matsumiya

Crystal Bowls by Aska Matsumiya - a new Spitfire Audio sample libraryRising composer and multi-instrumentalist Aska Matsumiya (After Yang, Betty, Fastest Woman On Earth) joins forces with Spitfire Audio, the world’s leading creator of sounds and sample libraries for music makers, to unveil a new sample library called Crystal Bowls, in a community-driven release.

It’s a distinctive collection of instruments that captures the ethereal and resonant tones of crystal bowls, tuning forks and percussion, meticulously curated and designed to inspire composers, producers, and musicians alike.

Matsumiya, celebrated for her distinguishing musical contributions to film, television, and the wider artistic landscape, has brought her signature touch to Crystal Bowls, infusing it with a delicate balance of organic warmth and avant-garde beauty. The collaboration with Spitfire Audio marks a notable moment in the world of sound design and production.

Conversations around a potential collaboration started two years ago, when Leo Wyatt, Product Manager at Spitfire Audio, was introduced to Matsumiya via the live agency, ATC. It was during these early discussions that a vision began to take shape.

Wyatt shares, “Aska and I were introduced two years ago. She had a brilliant idea to record crystal bowls in an unconventional setting. We found a beautiful space in a contemporary chapel, for an unexpected contemporary sound, and I am thrilled to finally bring our vision to life through Crystal Bowls...”

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Native Instruments Kontrol S-Series MK3 MIDI Keyboards

Native Instruments releases new Kontrol S-Series MK3 MIDI controller keyboards

Native Instruments has announced new Kontrol S-Series MK3 MIDI controller keyboards (S49, S61, and S88), offering seamless hardware and software integration, unique expressive control, and a stunning industrial design.

Kontrol S-Series keyboard controllers are truly best in class, with powerful new features and control capabilities that enable creators to stay in the flow with an intuitive connection to instruments, effects, and DAWs, all with deep navigation on a high-res screen. They are available in three size options: 49 semi-weighted keys, 61 semi-weighted keys, or 88 fully weighted hammer-action keys.

New polyphonic aftertouch functionality allows creators to take expression further with the slightest pressure on individual keys, controlling cutoff, pitch, vibrato, and much more without reaching for an extra encoder or dial. All three models include polyphonic aftertouch on an industry-leading keybed developed in collaboration with renowned Italian manufacturer Fatar...

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Native Instruments Music Production Suite 6

Native Instruments and iZotope release Music Production Suite 6 software bundle

Native Instruments has announced Music Production Suite 6, which includes more than 30 plugins across NI, iZotope, and Brainworx product lines and new versions of flagship products Ozone, Nectar, and Guitar Rig. With industry leading mixing and mastering software used by top studios worldwide, Music Production Suite 6 features intuitive tools that speed up and simplify audio workflows, from first take to final mix.

Music Production Suite 6 leverages AI-powered processing to provide a customized starting point for every step of the creative journey, from balancing levels and effects to the final mastering polish. For example, quickly analyze and tone-match the sound of your favorite vocalist using Nectar 4’s Vocal Assistant. Or capture the sound of your favorite track with Ozone 11’s Mastering Assistant and receive suggested settings for width, dynamics, loudness, and more.

Inter-plugin communication streamlines workflows throughout the mixing process, allowing iZotope plugins to listen to each other to detect masking between tracks and vocals, suggest level balance settings, mix tracks visually, reference audio from any source, and much more...

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IK Multimedia iRig HD X Guitar Audio Interface

IK Multimedia Releases iRig HD X Guitar Audio InterfaceIK Multimedia releases iRig HD X, the new flagship of the bestselling iRig guitar interface line, offering even better sound quality and even more advanced features to guitarists everywhere. Compact enough to store in any pocket, iRig HD X lets users connect anytime with inspiring new ways to play and sound amazing.

Millions of guitarists around the world rely on IK's iRig to play their instrument with their favorite apps for iPhone and iPad or on Mac/PC. iRig HD X now takes this concept to the next level with better sound, upgraded connectivity and new ways to discover tones, learn or practice, record ideas and stream performances.

Key Features
- Compact, 24-bit/96 kHz audio interface for guitar or bass
- Connects directly to iPhone or iPad and Mac/PC
- Audiophile-grade 1/8" stereo out for headphones and monitors
- 1/4" Amp out connects to amps, pedalboards or FRFR speakers
- Ideal for guitar and bass players of all levels...

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Spitfire Audio releases ABBEY ROAD ORCHESTRA: METAL PERCUSSION Professional Sample LibraryAbbey Road Orchestra: Metal Percussion combines both an expertly curated library of orchestral staples and a crafted collection of distinctive sounds and textures. With 58 hand-picked instruments in total, versatility is key — whether you need a classic crash sound or want to experiment with the variety of inspiring tones offered by the oil drum, this library covers all your bases.

Masterfully engineered by award-winning Simon Rhodes, in the legendary space of Abbey Road Studio One, and performed by world-renowned percussionist Joby Burgess, Metal Percussion takes sampling to new heights to incite you to add more inspired percussion, with shimmering metallic textures, shattering hits and otherworldly sounds.

The third installment of Abbey Road Orchestra – the most detailed range of sample libraries we have ever created – Metal Percussion will be instantly familiar to Low and High Percussion users...

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Mackie DLZ Creator All-In-One Podcast Mixer

Mackie launches DLZ Creator - The All-In-One Podcast Mixer that Makes Anyone Sound like a ProMackie, a leading producer of high-quality professional audio products, announces the DLZ Creator, the ultimate all-in-one podcasting and streaming audio solution for content creators of any experience level. Drawing on Mackie’s rich 30-plus-year history of supporting creators with accessible, professional-grade audio equipment, the DLZ Creator delivers quick professional results with maximum flexibility for new users and established creators alike.

The DLZ Creator, which is now available at a price of $799.99, is a digital podcast mixer, complete with Mackie’s Mix Agent™ technology, that easily and seamlessly assists, automates, and guides setup for users. With its fully adaptable interface, equipped with DLZ control modes and a full studio-worthy suite of processing, the DLZ Creator puts pro-quality podcasting into the hands of users at any level.

“Mackie audio solutions have been tapped by creators and professionals for years, so podcasting was a natural next step for us. We challenged ourselves in designing a product that would meet the needs of today’s modern creators, so any user – beginner or pro – can create on their own terms,” said Alex Nelson, CEO of Mackie...

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Spitfire Audio Albion Colossus Free Update

Spitfire Audio releases a colossal update for their Albion Colossus Sample LibraryFollowing on from an initial successful launch, Spitfire Audio are pleased to announce a colossal update to Albion Colossus (free to existing users). Featuring 995 new eDNA techniques bolstered by five distorting, carnage provoking warps and 26 new EVOs, this update enhances Spitfire Audio’s most epic library yet, extending its genre-blending abilities, and bolstering the two orchestras and ground breaking Hype, Depth and Scale features.

The EVO Grid Mode – An array of hand-crafted evolving textures generated from Spitfire Audio’s acoustic content accessible in their EVO Engine. With 10 strings (chamber & symphonic), four brass (chamber & symphonic), four woodwinds (chamber & symphonic), eight granular evolutions (chamber & symphonic), the possibilities are endlessly inspiring.

eDNA – Spitfire Audio’s fully featured sound design engine stocked with a curated selection of sounds from the library. Each one reprocessed to bring you an entirely new palette to explore. From ethereal pads to pure orchestral carnage. Providing 995 techniques and enhanced by five distorting, carnage-provoking warps, take your compositions to the next level...

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IK Multimedia AXE I/O ONE Audio Interface

IK Multimedia Releases AXE I/O ONE Audio InterfaceIK Multimedia releases AXE I/O ONE, the ultimate affordable audio interface designed for guitar and bass players. It combines the exclusive features of IK's AXE I/O family of interfaces with a massive software tone bundle, at a price never seen before.

AXE I/O ONE sports IK's exclusive Z-TONE® impedance control, JFET input for warm, tube-like sound, dedicated Amp Out for practicing or reamping, pickup selector, external volume/wah pedal or switch controller inputs, and includes award-winning AmpliTube and TONEX software with access to thousands of presets, amp and pedal rig tones on ToneNET for a complete digital studio rig that sounds like a pro.

Made for Guitar and Bass
Every electric and bass guitar is different and AXE I/O ONE's Z-TONE input circuit allows users to dial in the perfect tone for...

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Embertone Honkytonk Harmonica Virtual Instrument

Embertone releases Honkytonk Harmonica virtual instrument for KontaktWe set out to create a virtual harmonica with a honkytonk soul… stylistically faithful to the country and blues music originating from old-time southern bars of the past. In other words: a twangy virtual harmonica that stands on its own, whether you’re backing up the band, or soloing over it.

Trigger real, sampled vibrato performances for the extra realism, or intimately control our modeled vibrato engine instead. Go between "Normal" and "Bluesy" legato styles, and dig into an array of user controls and specialized articulation to craft a totally legit harmonica performance. We can't wait to see what you can create with this expressive virtual harmonica!

Honkytonk Harmonica was recorded and produced as a serious VI, with lots of articulations, and a set of BLUESY legato/micro-phrase samples inspired by...

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New UAD Native Plug-In Bundles

New UAD Plug-In Bundles Now Available NativelyUniversal Audio Inc. (UA), a worldwide leader in audio production tools including Apollo and Volt audio interfaces, UAD plug-ins, UA mics, and UAFX guitar products, is proud to announce that native versions of industry-leading UAD analog emulation plug-ins are now available for individual purchase on the UA website and at participating retail partners worldwide.

UA is also unveiling three new UAD plug-in bundles, each tailored to the specific needs of mix engineers, modern musicians, and producers.

“These UAD plug-ins and instruments are all about recreating the authentic, inspiring sounds of classic studio gear that has been used by Grammy-winning artists for decades,” says CEO and founder, Bill Putnam, Jr. “We’re excited to open up even more hitmaking audio tools to musicians everywhere...”

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Spitfire Audio British Drama Toolkit: Brass & Reeds Sample Library

Spitfire Audio releases British Drama Toolkit: Brass & Reeds Sample LibraryImmerse yourself in a new world of brass and reeds — a stunning sound palette of 99 patches, brought to life with our unique and intuitive Layers technology. Instantly sparking inspiration on first play, it’s every composer’s dream — the ability to finish a whole cue within a single patch. Made in collaboration with award-winning composer Samuel Sim, intricately workshopped techniques from a range of solo brass and woodwind instruments (including saxophones, recorders and flugelhorn) are presented in various combinations — each offering a full spectrum of emotion and expression.

For anyone looking to embrace a new approach to scoring — and a fresh alternative to string instruments — this sophisticated toolkit offers instant creative freedom. British Drama Toolkit: Brass & Reeds intuitively matches the intensity at which your fingers hit the keyboard by selecting from three different velocity layers – layering textural beds with characterful, emotive lead lines — unlocking a world of sound in every patch...

Continue reading: Spitfire Audio releases British Drama Toolkit: Brass & Reeds Sample Library in News.
Spitfire Abbey Road Orchestra: High Percussion

REVIEW: "A meticulously curated selection of 62 percussive instruments performed by internationally renowned percussionist Joby Burgess and expertly captured in the legendary acoustic space that is Abbey Road Studio One. Focus on bringing life to your compositions with tailored features— such as soft takeover, voice choking and right/left hand mapping. Add a layer of unparalleled realism with a variety of beaters and playing styles. Crafted for professional composers, producers and sound designers. Abbey Road Orchestra will bring you every single section of the orchestra in breathtaking detail, captured in the world's most famous recording studio." That is the official description for Abbey Road Orchestra: High Percussion, now available from Spitfire Audio, which has provided DigiFreq with a copy for review.

The Abbey Road Orchestra: High Percussion Sample Library
Preceded by Low Percussion, High Percussion is the second installment in the Abbey Road Orchestra series and is a Spitfire Player-based sample library with a 98.05 GB download size. The library includes 62 percussive instruments, a total of 391 articulations with up to 11 dynamic layers and up to 16 round robins (depending on the instrument). Each instrument...

Continue reading: Spitfire Abbey Road Orchestra: High Percussion.
Chris Hein OCTA Virtual Instrument

Best Service releases Chris Hein OCTA Virtual Instrument for KontaktChris Hein - OCTA is a musical workhorse that is incredibly adaptable and easy to be inspired by. The technical idea behind the instrument's chameleon character, which allows it to function as a solo instrument or an ensemble of 8 instruments, is called Mega Structure.

- 100 High Quality Solo Instruments
- 8 Core Multi Channel Instruments
- 8 Channel Sequencer

The true beauty of this instrument resides in the odd way it inspires you to improvise, whether you're writing an underscore or the main theme - after all, improvisation is the foundation of music composition - regardless of how complex your programability may be. Feel free to go through every detail of OCTA's functionality, however we recommend starting by playing around with your keyboard to tap into its beautiful lyrical nature and find hidden treasures along the way...

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IK Multimedia AmpliTube TONEX Pedal

IK Multimedia Releases TONEX Pedal for Live AI Machine Model PlaybackIK Multimedia releases TONEX Pedal, completing the TONEX ecosystem and bringing AI Machine Modeling Tone Models to any venue for live performance or recording. With the included TONEX software, users can capture and model their own gear, and tap into the unlimited user-created Tone Models available for TONEX to use with the pedal.

A Limitless Collection of Tones
From rare one-of-a-kind vintage amps to modern rigs, TONEX Pedal can store up to 150 Tone Model presets at a time and comes with over 1,000 Premium Tone Models of the included TONEX MAX software that can be installed a-la-carte with its new librarian feature, plus gives access to ToneNET with over 6,000 more user Tone Models, growing daily, free to download and play.

With the new TONEX librarian feature, presets can be quickly organized, archived, and transferred to the pedal's banks, for gigs or recording sessions and a limitless supply of sonic inspiration, anywhere. Finally, there's a smart and affordable solution to travel and play with the world's best rigs, including one's own...

Continue reading: IK Multimedia Releases TONEX Pedal for Live AI Machine Model Playback in News.
Spitfire Audio ALBION COLOSSUS Epic Scoring Library

Spitfire Audio releases ALBION COLOSSUS, a New Dawn for Epic Orchestral ScoringA new era in blockbuster scoring is upon us. Spitfire Audio’s most epic library yet, this gargantuan, all-in-one toolkit pushes contrast, dynamism and intensity to eleven — elevating your scores to breathtaking new heights.

Action films are nothing without suspense. This feat of musical engineering offers every element needed to seamlessly transport your scores from quiet suspense and tension, through to the most dramatic and epic of soundworlds — with two complete orchestras, chamber and symphonic, heavy chugging guitars, a diverse, hard-hitting set of percussion and drum kits, and epic, widescreen synths — expertly crafted for ultra-modern scoring.

Discover all-new features including Scale, Depth and Hype – expressive controls to help you build intensity and push sounds even further.

"Albion Colossus is outrageous! I am absolutely loving the extra punch. The Low Brass and Strings with Hype are like nothing I have ever played. It sounds like you have been programming for hours with a single key press. It's going to be a go-to writing tool, that’s for sure!" – Andy Gray...

Continue reading: Spitfire Audio releases ALBION COLOSSUS, a New Dawn for Epic Orchestral Scoring in News.
IK Multimedia iRig Stream Mic Pro

IK Multimedia Releases iRig Stream Mic Pro for Streamers and Content CreatorsIK Multimedia releases iRig Stream Mic Pro, combining a professional multi-pattern condenser microphone and 24-bit, 96 kHz audio interface for iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac and PC into a single ultra-portable solution for music and content creation. iRig Stream Mic Pro makes it easier than ever for users to share their voice and music.

Multi-pattern Condenser Microphone
With dual mic capsules, iRig Stream Mic Pro offers selectable cardioid, figure 8, omnidirectional or stereo pickup patterns. These patterns range from noise-rejecting to immersive audio, so whether it’s recording a podcast, interview, instrument or ensemble, the sound signal is crisp, clear and detailed with easily adjustable gain and selectable high-pass filter.

Integrated Audio Interface
Media players, keyboards, mixers, turntables, soundboards and more can all be connected to a convenient stereo 3.5 mm audio input directly into the mic. With its...

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Spitfire Audio ORIGINALS: RARE FLUTES Sample Library

Spitfire Audio releases ORIGINALS: RARE FLUTES Sample Library from Andy FindonOriginals Rare Flutes bestows an extraordinary collection of flutes, sourced from all over the globe, performed by world renowned flautist, Andy Findon. This library contains woodwinds, such as the Bansuri and Chinese bamboo flute, to add a unique palette to your compositions.

Delicate and exquisite, these artisanal instruments were purposefully recorded dry in order to allow more control over the sound. With a central focus on the tone of each woodwind and three distinctive signals, (Close, Room and Super Reverb) you have the option to give your sound warmth, sharpness or ambiance — or blend all three signals to create something truly exquisite.


- Played by Europe’s most recorded flautist, Andy Findon
- Recorded dry to allow you more control over your sound
- Rare woodwinds not found in any other Spitfire library currently available...

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Spitfire Audio releases ABBEY ROAD ORCHESTRA: LOW PERCUSSION Professional Sample LibrarySpitfire Audio is proud to announce availability of ABBEY ROAD ORCHESTRA: LOW PERCUSSION — laying the foundations for the sound-specializing British music technology company’s brand-new flagship Professional Composer Series as the most detailed sample library that it has ever created, crafted for music editors, producers, professional composers, and sound designers alike as the culmination of over 20 years of sample experience and innovation to offer incredible precision across an encyclopedic selection of orchestral and cinematic percussion performed by British world-class percussionist Joby Burgess (Black Panther, Mission: Impossible) in Abbey Road Studios’ world-famous Studio One, the unmistakable acoustic of which was also beautifully captured by GRAMMY® Award-winning engineer extraordinaire Simon Rhodes (Skyfall, Avatar), effectively resulting in users having instant access to their very own world-class percussionist with a whole new level of expression at their fingertips, helpfully housed as a truly thunderous orchestral and esoteric drum collection in an award-winning, easy-to-use, intuitive and inspiring (AU-, AAX-, NKS-, VST2-, and VST3-compatible) plug-in designed for composers by composers that loads directly into all major DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations) without the need for any additional software — as of November 10…

Company co-founder and award-winning composer Paul Thomson takes pride in introducing the most detailed sample library that Spitfire Audio has ever created:...

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Eventide H90 Harmonizer Multi-FX Pedal

Eventide releases the new H90 Harmonizer Multi-FX PedalEventide Audio has introduced its latest addition to the storied Harmonizer® family, the H90 Harmonizer next-generation multi-effects pedal. Building on the foundation of the H9 Harmonizer multi-effects processor, the H90 offers 62 effect algorithms and hundreds of program combinations curated for a variety of instruments and genres. The compact H90 features include comprehensive I/O, flexible routing options, an intuitive UI designed for players, and a built-in tuner. Its modern ARM-based architecture, derived from the world’s most powerful effects processor, Eventide's flagship H9000 Harmonizer, gives the H90 the power to accommodate the ongoing creation of advanced, next-gen effects never heard before.

"The H90 is the culmination of years of creative input from the team at Eventide as well as our inspiring users. We're excited about the music (and cool new DSP math!) made possible with this next level of DSP power, and even more excited to hear the music our customers will make."   —Russell Wedelich, VP of Development and Director of Signal Processing...

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