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Blue Cat Re-Head Headphone Response Plug-In - Get 10% off!

Blue Cat Audio releases Re-Head Headphone Response Plug-In - Get 10% off!
For many audio professionals, listening on headphones is a necessary evil. Perhaps you need headphones when tracking? Perhaps you need to work away from your studio? Or perhaps your studio has that one neighbor that simply can't enjoy your creative output at 3 AM in the morning? Listening through headphones creates an unnatural sound that's quite different from how we hear music from speakers.

Re-Head will create a mixing room experience when using headphones, even when recording distorted guitars and other instruments that tend to sound unnaturally in-your-face in a headphone mix.

At the center is a head response model that mimics the effect of your own skull on your hearing when listening through loudspeakers. Add to that...

Continue reading: Blue Cat Audio releases Re-Head Headphone Response Plug-In - Get 10% off! in News.
Soundiron Didgeridoos Virtual Instrument

Soundiron releases Didgeridoos Virtual InstrumentDidgeridoos is a one-of-a-kind virtual instrument that provides a wide chromatic range of 16 individually tuned didgeridoos that gives users the power to create rhythms and melodies that have never been heard or played before with this instrument, created by William MacGavin and David Zagardo. It features a wide variety of sustaining rhythmic grooves, vowel sounds and beatbox-style staccatos and effect articulations.

The didgeridoo is an ancient wooden horn originally made and played by the Aboriginal Peoples of Australia, and is an instrument traditionally used for ceremonies and festivities. This virtual instrument was crafted with great respect for the Aboriginal Peoples of Australia, their culture, and their values. It is not intended to be used in a traditional context and has been designed to provide creative tools and new sonic possibilities for composers and musicians everywhere to explore. It is not intended to represent or replace the authentic realism, cultural importance and soul of traditional aboriginal musicianship and spiritual traditions...

Continue reading: Soundiron releases Didgeridoos Virtual Instrument in News.
Eventide ShimmerVerb Reverb Plug-In

Eventide Releases ShimmerVerb Reverb Plug-In For Desktop VST, AAX, AU and iOSEventide Audio has released its new ShimmerVerb plug-in, combining a massively lustrous reverb with parallel pitch shifters to add ethereal layers, making any signal “shimmer.” Producers and engineers have previously achieved this effect by using Eventide pitch-shifting hardware such as the H910, H949, or H3000 or other rack-mount units in combination with a reverb. This production technique was popularized by Daniel Lanois and Brian Eno on U2’s The Unforgettable Fire. Now, this iconic sound has been refined and extended with a modern, unified interface that is great for adding dreamy ambiance to guitars, keys, synths, samples and vocals. In typical Eventide fashion, features have been added such as the ability to infinitely feedback the signal, resulting in cascading reverbs that smear into oblivion. Feedback can be further fine-tuned by specifying which frequencies are fed back through the low/mid/high cross-over network.

ShimmerVerb shines via its playable, performance-based parameters. The “Ribbon” is an easy-to-program performance macro allowing users to fluidly morph ShimmerVerb’s effect between two completely different settings...

Continue reading: Eventide Releases ShimmerVerb Reverb Plug-In For Desktop VST, AAX, AU and iOS in News.
Best Service Emotional Viola Virtual Instrument

Best Service releases Emotional Viola Virtual InstrumentEmotional Viola is the third member of the Emotional Strings series by Harmonic Subtones. This long anticipated and logical addition to the Cello and Violin represents a very comprehensive virtual instrument that is easy to play, and of course offers numerous possibilities for individual customization.

Not only does the Emotional Viola perfectly harmonize with the Cello and the Violin, it is also highly valued as solo instrument with its direct and unadulterated sound, its variety of essential to extraordinary articulations as well as true legato and rebowing.

Emotional Viola is the first choice if you are looking for the perfect instrument for film scoring, pop music, songwriting, classical or modern, avant-garde viola compositions!...

Continue reading: Best Service releases Emotional Viola Virtual Instrument in News.
Blue Cat Audio Analysis Plug-Ins - Get 10% off!

Blue Cat Audio updates Multitrack Audio Analysis Plug-Ins - Get 10% off!
Blue Cat Audio has released a free update for its multiple tracks audio analyzers, Blue Cat's FreqAnalyst Multi, Oscilloscope Multi, and StereoScope Multi.

These special audio analysis plug-ins can communicate between instances: It is thus possible to visualize the spectrum, stereo image and waveform of multiple audio tracks on a single graph simultaneously. These tools also provide the ability to compare the characteristics of several tracks using spectrum, stereo image or phase difference analysis. The new versions (2.31) of the three plug-ins come with multiple performance improvements as well as a few bug fixes (full details below).

Demo versions can be downloaded in most popular plug-in formats for Mac and PC...

Continue reading: Blue Cat Audio updates Multitrack Audio Analysis Plug-Ins - Get 10% off! in News.
Groove Monkee Garage Rock Revival MIDI Drum Loops - Get 10% off!

Groove Monkee releases Garage Rock Revival MIDI Drum Loops - Get 10% off!Groove Monkee is pleased to announce the release of Garage Rock Revival. AKA "post-punk revival" or "new rock revolution" is a style of indie rock inspired by the 'garage rock' of the 1960's and the post-punk movement of the 1980s. It's characterized by heavy guitars, fast tempos and non-traditional song structures.

Song Format
This pack has 14 sets arranged as "songs" with intro, verse, chorus, bridge and outro. The verse and chorus sections have alternatives along with plenty of fills.

14 Full Length Tracks
Includes 14 full-length tracks by bands like The Vines, The Hives, The Von Bondies, The White Stripes, The Strokes, Interpol and The Subways, and more...

Continue reading: Groove Monkee releases Garage Rock Revival MIDI Drum Loops - Get 10% off! in News.
Eventide Undulator Tremelo Effect Plug-In

Eventide Releases Undulator Plug-In, Commits Proceeds to Social Justice InitiativesEventide Audio is releasing the plug-in version of the classic modulated tremolo effect Undulator and simultaneously making a commitment to social justice. “Eventide Audio is committed to supporting the fight against systemic racism and violence,” the company stated. “We hope that you will join us by listening, learning, and taking action. We embrace diversity and seek equality, justice, inclusion, and dignity for all. We stand in unity with the Black community and will take action by donating to organizations that support justice and social change. Eventide will be donating 100% of the proceeds of the Undulator desktop plug-in to the Equal Justice Initiative & NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund.”

Undulator, a magical tremolo from Eventide’s iconic H3000 Harmonizer® effects processor, provides a unique rhythmic effect by combining ethereal feedback and detuned echoes which are fed through an AM / FM modulated tremolo. Whether used for manipulating samples or adding movement to strings, pads, guitars, and keys, Undulator is a muse for creative musicians. The plug-in is available for Mac, PC and iOS...

Continue reading: Eventide Releases Undulator Plug-In, Commits Proceeds to Social Justice Initiatives in News.
PreSonus Studio One 5 Music Software

PreSonus Studio One 5 Delivers Extensive Live Performance and Scoring Features and Much MorePreSonus®’ eagerly anticipated Studio One® 5.0 for macOS® and Windows® is here, and it’s packed with major new features. As usual with PreSonus upgrades and updates, a combination of innovative new features and users’ most requested features top the list of additions and improvements.

Studio One 5 introduces a powerful, fully integrated, live performance environment capable of running complete shows from a single computer. The Show Page combines playback of backing tracks with patch management for virtual and real instrument players inside a single window. Studio One Song channel strips, mixdowns, and virtual instrument patches can be directly exported to the Show, simplifying setup. Setlist items can be rearranged and skipped on the fly. With a dedicated full-screen performance view, adaptive real-time controls and a large meter, running a show is simple and reliable, whether you’re playing with backing tracks, controlling virtual instruments, running plug-ins as a virtual effects rack, or all three at the same time...

Continue reading: PreSonus Studio One 5 Delivers Extensive Live Performance and Scoring Features and Much More in News.
Sample Logic SYMPHONIC AI Orchestral Virtual Instrument

Sample Logic releases SYMPHONIC AI Orchestral Virtual Instrument
Introducing SYMPHONIC AI - Animated Intelligence: an awe-inspiring fusion of orchestral samples and synthesis driven by motion that results in intelligent, elegant and dynamic symphonic instruments. Developed in the Kontakt engine, Sample Logic has combined cutting edge performance engines with the pristine symphonic samples of Red Room Audio to deliver a 13 GB virtual instrument of 938 sleek and intelligently designed multi-sampled instruments and presets. Symphonic AI is an extremely versatile platform for unlimited creativity combining real world organic performances with algorithmic synthetic perfection.

Take a deep dive into the symphonic orchestra meticulously captured in Bulgaria by Red Room Audio. These comprehensive recordings include a complete multi-sampled orchestra with ensembles of strings, woodwinds and brass instruments along with orchestrated variants of each. Also included...

Continue reading: Sample Logic releases SYMPHONIC AI Orchestral Virtual Instrument in News.
Output THERMAL Interactive Distortion Plug-In

Output Releases Interactive Distortion Effect, THERMAL
Output, Inc. is thrilled to announce the release of THERMAL, an interactive effect that allows you to easily create powerful and layered distortion sounds.

For years, distortion and saturation effects have only seen incremental advances. THERMAL breaks ground with a multi-stage engine that goes far beyond what multi-band distortions traditionally accomplish, inviting experimentation and inspiring creativity. The XY control provides an easy interface to enhance harmonics by tapping into its layered engines, each with analog and digital distortion algorithms, effects, modulation and imaging.

“If you’re familiar with Output, you know we like to take traditional ideas and flip them on their heads,” said Output CEO, Gregg Lehrman. “Finding and using distortion should be less mechanical and more creative. It should inspire sound design...

Continue reading: Output Releases Interactive Distortion Effect, THERMAL in News.
iZotope Stutter Edit 2 Rhythmic Processor

iZotope and GRAMMY-nominated Composer, BT, Launch Stutter Edit 2iZotope Inc., the experts in intelligent audio technology, has launched Stutter Edit® 2, the latest plug-in collaboration with GRAMMY®-nominated composer and electronic musician Brian Transeau (BT).

Stutter Edit 2 creates the famous “stutter” editing effect with one button, slicing audio into small fragments and sequencing the pieces into razor-sharp rhythmic effects, recreating techniques that previously took hours to perfect in a studio. In addition to these trademark stutter effects, performers and producers can juggle between a multitude of rhythmic gestures to build tension and create dynamics, both in live performances and studio arrangements.

This new version offers an easier setup experience and a greatly expanded suite of effects that give access to near-infinite combinations of sound...

Continue reading: iZotope and GRAMMY-nominated Composer, BT, Launch Stutter Edit 2 in News.
Accusonus Beatmaker Bundle Offer

Accusonus announces a unique, time-limited offer for beatmakersAccusonus announces a unique, time-limited offer for modern beatmakers. Their ​full collection of beat making tools will be available for $149 instead of $750 (reg. price) until the ​30th of June 2020​. Time-limited personal offers and upgrades are also available for existing accusonus users.

Accusonus’ ​beat making bundle consists of three innovative plugins that offer an exciting and intuitive approach to beat making. ​Drop a loop into ​Regroover and instantly convert it into stems. Isolate, remove or manipulate its individual elements & get countless variations out of a single loop! Add colour and polish the sound of your beats in seconds using ​Beatformer​’s simple and intuitive interface. Turn your tracks into a performance and jam with your beats using Rhythmiq.

The bundle also includes nine carefully-crafted expansion packs to spice up your beats!...

Continue reading: Accusonus announces a unique, time-limited offer for beatmakers in News.
Auto-Tune Reason Rack Extension

Legendary Auto-Tune comes to the Reason Rack
Reason Studios announces the release of Auto-Tune Reason as a native Rack Extension plugin for Reason. Auto-Tune Reason has been tailored specifically for the virtual rack in Reason with a custom workflow and integrated patches.

"Of course, everyone knows Auto-Tune's renowned pitch correction and immediately recognizable vocal effect. Now Reason users can effortlessly harness the essential features for sound design, vocal chains, and effect Combinators in Reason." said Mattias Häggström Gerdt, Reason Product Manager.

"We're thrilled to be bringing Auto-Tune to the arsenal of creative tools available for Reason," said Steve Berkley, CEO at Antares. "The signature Auto-Tune sound inside the revered Reason Studio is a beat-maker's dream...”

Continue reading: Legendary Auto-Tune comes to the Reason Rack in News.
EarMaster Music Training Software

Plugivery announces distribution of EarMaster Music Training SoftwareAvailable now via Plugivery Distribution and all reputable pro audio resellers worldwide, Plugivery proudly welcome EarMaster to their continuing list of distributed brands.

An ideal tool for your ear training, sight-singing practice and rhythm training at any skill level!

EarMaster is the #1 music theory trainer for all musicians who want to get better skills, from beginner level to very advanced.

Included Training Modes:
- Beginner's Course (219 lessons)
- General Workshops (14 workshops)
- Jazz workshops (14 workshops)
- Customized Exercises (12 activities)

Features :...

Continue reading: Plugivery announces distribution of EarMaster Music Training Software in News.
Cherry Audio Voltage Modular 2.0

Cherry Audio announces the release of Voltage Modular 2.0Cherry Audio is thrilled to announce the highly anticipated release of Voltage Modular 2.0! This truly massive new release is completely FREE for all Voltage Modular users, and brings innovative new features, workflow improvements, and new sonic possibilities to the realm of software modular synthesis. Voltage Modular 2.0 is the most feature-rich, sonically flexible software modular platform in the world.

A Universe Without Limits
Voltage Modular 2.0 blows away all patching limitations, and introduces groundbreaking new ways to build complex patches with fewer cables.

Previously, every jack in Voltage Modular was really six jacks, multed together. Version 2.0 allows an unlimited number of cables to be plugged into every jack, for endless modulation possibilities...

Continue reading: Cherry Audio announces the release of Voltage Modular 2.0 in News.
Ueberschall Blues Guitar Elastik Soundbank

Ueberschall releases Blues Guitar Elastik SoundbankIf you are looking for some classic blues progressions, whether to jam over, learn some new chord changes from, or as a foundation for your next blues project, Blues Guitar is packed with inspiration. With a collection of 100 guitar-based sequences played on a combination of acoustic, resonator and electric guitar, Blues Guitar is overflowing with cool blues jams for you to enjoy and explore.

100 Inspiring Blues Chord Sequences
The library features over 5GB of sample content and 1000 individual loops. Each progression is contained within its own folder for easy browsing. The 100 progressions are organized into categories based upon two tempos (120bpm and 60bpm), 5 different tunings (drop D, open D, open C, open G and standard), and include both 4/4 and 6/8 time signatures, so there is plenty of variety. Each progression is played on an acoustic guitar, with a second guitar part provided by either a resonator or electric guitar. You can loop the main progression, but outro parts are also provided for both guitars so you can finish with a flourish...

Continue reading: Ueberschall releases Blues Guitar Elastik Soundbank in News.
Eventide Crystals Effect Plug-In

Eventide's Iconic Crystals Effect Now a Plug-InEventide announces the release of its Crystals plug-in, combining twin reverse pitch shifters with reverse delays and reverb. This iconic H3000 Harmonizer® effect can be used to create out-of-this-world climbing and cascading pitched delays or unique sounding reverbs. It features two reverse granular delays that can be manipulated by length and pitch. Crystals excels at adding life to synths, guitar, and vocals, making them sound huge and majestic. From sound design to otherworldly solos, Crystals will spark inspiration. The plug-in is available for Mac, PC and iOS.

Crystals is a not a one-trick pony. The plug-in is also capable of huge sounding reverbs. Tweak the pitches a full octave down for a quick “drunk vocal” sound. Fit snares in the mix by pitch-shifting down an octave. Set really long delay times (up to 4 seconds per voice) with high feedback to use it as an ambient looper! The effect can be made musical by micro-pitching each voice around the 4th (500 cents), 5th (700 cents), or octave (1200 cents)...

Continue reading: Eventide's Iconic Crystals Effect Now a Plug-In in News.
Arturia OB-Xa V Virtual Synthesizer Instrument

Arturia announces the release of the OB-Xa V Virtual Synthesizer Instrument
French specialists in music gear Arturia launch OB-Xa V, a software instrument based on the iconic synth OB-Xa, enhanced with groundbreaking features for an elevated sonic experience.

Applying their expert sound engineering to recreating and updating an iconic synth, Arturia now offer an authentic software with soundscapes previously unexplored. Ideal for innovative musicians, synth programmers, and keyboardists who appreciate a fat, aggressive sound. Its versatility creates gratifying results in many distinct styles of music production, making it a valuable asset for producers and creators across multiple genres.

OB-Xa made music history on albums released by Prince, Billy Idol, Chaka Khan, and Bon Jovi, and is most recognizable for appearing on Van Halen’s biggest hit, ‘Jump’. Contemporary musicians by the likes of Flume, Chrome Sparks, Calvin Harris, and Venetian Snares have also incorporated its energetic potential to enter a new musical dimension. OB-Xa V is...

Continue reading: Arturia announces the release of the OB-Xa V Virtual Synthesizer Instrument in News.
Celemony Melodyne 5 Pitch Correction Software

Celemony presents the new Melodyne 5 - Better, Faster, more Musical
Celemony is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the new Melodyne Version 5. The Grammy-Award-winning software Melodyne is used all over the world every day for the correction, perfection, reshaping and transformation of vocal tracks, samples and audio recordings of all kinds. A studio standard, in fact. But even the best things can be improved.

The most important new features of Version 5 relate to Melodyne's core competence: the correction of poor intonation on vocal tracks. The algorithm now detects – along with a host of other phenomena – the presence and extent of the unpitched (noise-like) components of the vocal sound as well as breaths, which it then processes separately from the pitched components. This leads to better results, less time spent editing, and a more natural sound...

Continue reading: Celemony presents the new Melodyne 5 - Better, Faster, more Musical in News.
Eventide Rotary Mod Plug-In

Eventide releases Rotary Mod - a Leslie Cab Modulation Plug-InEventide announces the release of Rotary Mod, a digitalization of the iconic Leslie electro-mechanical rotating horn and baffle speaker cabinets that became integral to the sound of Hammond organs. The plug-in, available for Mac, PC and iOS, produces a pulse-like vibrato effect varying with the modeled speed of rotation. Rotary offers precise control to dial in the exact amount of movement you need. This classic swirly effect has been used on countless hit records to drastically transform guitars, bass, synths and even vocals. Notably used by The Beatles, Beach Boys, The Band, Cream and Pink Floyd, this iconic emulation brings that classic ’60s whirling modulation bliss into the 21st century on a laptop or the palm of a hand.

Rotary Mod offers the full range of control and sounds expected from a physical Leslie cabinet, then extends the possibilities beyond the hardware capabilities...

Continue reading: Eventide releases Rotary Mod - a Leslie Cab Modulation Plug-In in News.
Best Service Alpine Volksmusik 2 Virtual Instrument

Best Service releases Alpine Volksmusik 2 Virtual InstrumentAlpine Volksmusik 2 is the sequel to the popular Alpine Volksmusik Library offering 42 unique patches for folk and brass music. The library covers all the instruments you need for the authentic production of Swiss Folk Music, Austrian Stubenmusik and German Marching Music.

All instruments were carefully recorded and offer different articulations that can be keyswitched to deliver authentic sounds. The interface of the library provides an easy way to customize the sound of the instruments. In addition to the standard controls volume, pan, and reverb, each instrument / patch has its own parameters.

Alpine Volksmusik 2 can be used in many ways. Are you a singer or instrumental soloist and would like to arrange your own pieces? Do you need half-playbacks for your performances? Do you want to supplement live studio recordings with additional sounds? Do you need a pre-production for a guest musician? With Alpine Volksmusik 2 you can do all this and more with ease...

Continue reading: Best Service releases Alpine Volksmusik 2 Virtual Instrument in News.
Strezov Sampling Jade Ethnic Orchestra

Strezov Sampling releases Jade Ethnic Orchestra Virtual InstrumentWe learned so much about ethnic instruments when we sampled Balkan Ethnic Orchestra in 2017. After spending three years refining our sampling process Strezov Sampling finally brings to you the next product in our Ethnic series. Being inspired by the special sound of Chinese instruments and Mongolian singers we decided it's hightime to create an inspiring instrument in that area filling a huge gap in today's virtual instrument landscape.

Comprised of over 50 instruments spread across more than 100 instrument patches, Jade Ethnic Orchestra gives you the option to choose between multiple categories, such as Bowed Strings Ensembles, Bowed Strings Solo, Plucked Strings, Voices, Woodwinds, Percussion (based on our X3M engine) and stemmed out sound-designed pads created especially for the library by Lyubomir Goshev. The library was co-produced by composer and multiinstrumentalist Seth Tsui, who conducted and recorded the sessions in Beijing, China...

Continue reading: Strezov Sampling releases Jade Ethnic Orchestra Virtual Instrument in News.
Ueberschall Latin Brasil Beats - Elastik Library

Ueberschall releases Latin Brasil Beats - Elastik LibraryLatin Brasil Beats is part of the Multitrack Drum Loop Series and provides the authentic vibrance and groove of Latin rhythms. Styles span Samba, Batucada, Calypso, Latin, Maracatu, Bossa Nova, Baile Funk and more. Layered with a suitable 4-on-the-floor kick, they would also easily crossover into pop and dance styles. The drum recordings are pristine and the performances full of character, detail and variation. Latin Brasil Beats can provide the perfect rhythmic heart to your next music project.

Irresistible Latin Grooves
The library is built from a massive 10 GB of sample data and contains more than 3800 individual loops divided into sixteen performance-based folders. Each folder features multiple parts and plenty of performance variations. You can, therefore, build a complete drum performance with ease. The performances were recorded at tempos ranging between 60 and 140bpm. With Elastik’s high-quality tempo-manipulation algorithms, you have plenty of additional flexibility to find the perfect tempo for your project.

Choice Of Pre-Mixed Or Multitrack Loops
The loops are provided into six separate Elastik soundbanks. The first contains loops of full drum mixes, while the other...

Continue reading: Ueberschall releases Latin Brasil Beats - Elastik Library in News.
Wave Arts PowerSuite 6 Effects Plug-In Bundle

Wave Arts releases PowerSuite 6 Effects Plug-In BundlePowerSuite 6 is a significant update to the PowerSuite line, featuring compatibility with MacOS Catalina and support for VST3 format. The signal processing algorithms and user-interface functions are largely unchanged from PowerSuite 5. However, under the hood, the plug-ins have been completely rewritten to use the latest development tools and SDKs. This was necessary to maintain compatibility with MacOS and the latest MacOS DAWs, such as Cubase 10, WaveLab 10, Premiere 2020, and Audition 2020. On these DAWs, the PowerSuite 5 plug-ins do not function – the GUI shows a black window.

PowerSuite 6 includes:

- TrackPlug 6: The ultimate channel strip plug-in, TrackPlug is an all-in-one processor with EQ, spectrum analysis, multi-mode compressors and gate, peak limiter, and more.
- FinalPlug 6 : FinalPlug provides peak limiting and volume maximizing as well as comprehensive dithering options to make this plug-in specially suited for mastering a final mix...

Continue reading: Wave Arts releases PowerSuite 6 Effects Plug-In Bundle in News.
Eventide MicroPitch Dual-Voice Pitch Shifter Plug-in

Eventide Releases MicroPitch Dual-Voice Pitch Shifter Plug-in for Mac and PCEventide has released its MicroPitch dual-voice pitch shifter plug-in for Mac and PC. MicroPitch is the latest incarnation of an iconic effect originated by Eventide in the 1970s. With each generation, Eventide has added to, refined, enhanced and built on its legendary predecessors. MicroPitch is a fine-resolution pitch shifter providing effects that range from subtle tone fattening to dramatic slap-back effects via longer delays. MicroPitch goes above and beyond the run-of-mill stereo spread effects of simple micropitch plug-ins by allowing users to mix in detuned and delayed versions of a source, creating depth and dimensions not possible before. Its expanded controls make possible deep pitch dives, haunting echoes, and pristine chorusing effects.

Like all H9 series plug-ins, MicroPitch is designed to “play.” The dynamic and fluid Ribbon control can add a bit of “life” while mixing by sweeping MicroPitch’s effect between two completely different settings of any combination of controls, such as turning sweetening shifts into a delay-throw and back, or changing delays from dark to bright for transitional effects. Desktop users can plug in a MIDI keyboard and gain control of the Ribbon via the mod wheel...

Continue reading: Eventide Releases MicroPitch Dual-Voice Pitch Shifter Plug-in for Mac and PC in News.
Soniccouture All Saints Choir Virtual Instrument

Soniccouture announces the release of All Saints Choir Virtual Chamber Choir InstrumentAll Saints Church, Tooting - a rich, clear acoustic that has graced recordings by Decca, Sony, and Deutsche Grammophon.

In collaboration with The New London Chamber Choir, Soniccouture presents their most ambitious sampling project yet.

Featuring traditional SATB choir sections recorded seperately, and true Polyphonic Legato, All Saints Choir perfectly recreates the initimate yet expansive sound of a full chamber choir.

The Choir Panel
The main control panel. Choose choir and assign legato by section - control dymanics and vowel shape with real-time controllers. Four mic arrays allow to you mix your sound with precision...

Continue reading: Soniccouture announces the release of All Saints Choir Virtual Chamber Choir Instrument in News.
Eventide CrushStation Overdrive and Distortion Plugin

Eventide Announces CrushStation - The 3F Overdrive and Distortion Plugin for Desktop and iOSToday Eventide announced CrushStation, a new overdrive/distortion plug-in for Mac, PC, iPhone and iPad. CrushStation is a versatile stereo distortion platform with controls that can enhance a track with creamy saturation or create a brutal sonic assault.
But distortion is just the starting point. CrushStation brings multi-effects to the mix by adding a three-band EQ, Compression, Octave Mix and the Sag control – Eventide’s unique take on failing hardware. Use the MIX Control to blend your dry signal with CrushStation to create parallel compression, distortion and other effects.

CrushStation’s combination of ingredients creates a plugin that excels at the three broad ways distortion effects can be deployed. FX expert and author Alex Case refers to them as the “3 Fs”: FIT, FIX and FEATURE.

- “FIX” a weak snare track by adding just a bit of grit & compression.
- “FIT” finesse the lead into your mix by adding a bit of warmth and bottom.
- “FEATURE” the lead by crushing it ‘til it hurts...

Continue reading: Eventide Announces CrushStation - The 3F Overdrive and Distortion Plugin for Desktop and iOS in News.
Accusonus Sale on Audio Repair Solutions

Accusonus announces April 2020 Sale on Audio Repair Plug-InsAccusonus announce a sale on their audio repair and enhancement plugin bundles, ERA 4 Bundle Standard & ERA 4 Bundle PRO, to help creators make the most out of this spring, even though most of us are stuck at home! Exclusive personal offers are also available for existing users. Sale ends on the ​28th April 2020​.

In addition to their discounted bundles and plug-ins, Accusonus also offer ​for free 300 unique sound effects and over 2-hours of royalty-free, high quality recordings (weather SFX, transition SFX, and more).

About the ERA 4 Bundles:
Using technology that simply wasn’t there before, the ERA 4 Bundles offer both fast workflows and high-quality processing and they are ​the go-to toolkit for both entry-level and professional users who need agile audio repair. They are compatible with all major DAWs and NLEs...

Continue reading: Accusonus announces April 2020 Sale on Audio Repair Plug-Ins in News.
Ueberschall The Resource - Lost Tapes Elastik Soundbank

Ueberschall releases The Resource - Lost Tapes Elastik SoundbankWhether you want to construct a complete solo, build some groovy chord or bass parts, or simply want that short, stand-out, instrumental hook to take your production to another level, The Resource – Lost Tapes is a musical treasure chest, waiting to be mined. The library is ideal for producers of House, Hip Hop, Pop, Jazz, Soul, Funk, or for a dash of something real to add to your latest electronic production. It is also a brilliant complement to the original The Resource release.

Massive Collection Of Phrases And Licks
This release has some serious history. When we released the original The Resource library, it combined four legendary Ueberschall products that were previously never available as digital downloads. One of those products was Vintage Licks & Phrases. For this title, we had recorded a massive collection of inspirational musical phrases. These were played on a wide selection of instruments by some top-class studio musicians. After weeks and weeks of editing, Vintage Licks & Phrases was released in 2002...

Continue reading: Ueberschall releases The Resource - Lost Tapes Elastik Soundbank in News.
Sample Logic GUITAR FURY Multi-Sampled Guitar Virtual Instrument

Sample Logic releases GUITAR FURY Multi-Sampled Guitar Virtual InstrumentGUITAR FURY is an extensive 43 GB collection of nearly 600 multi-sampled guitars and guitar-inspired instrument presets. This is cinematic diversity at its finest, featuring multi-sampled performances captured by guitar impresario Steve Ouimette and programmed to perfection by the Sample Logic team. Think you know guitar libraries? Think again! GUITAR FURY is no traditional multi-sampled guitar library. It goes far beyond with every preset meticulously produced and dressed in glorious creative effects, resulting in a cinematic sound that blurs the line between music and sound design. From this massive virtual instrument arises a straight to the point user driven musical tool designed with a fresh and modern easy-to-use interface.

Evolving out of Sample Logic’s comprehensive family of cinematic guitars content rises an instant powerhouse virtual instrument based on recordings by composer, multi-instrumentalist, and producer Steve Ouimette. Forging deep into the depths of his extensive and rare collection of guitars, Steve applied his unparalleled knowledge and adventurous playing styles to capture an incredible range of guitars and other strung exotics. These range in scope from acoustic and electric guitars, bass guitars, baritones, ukuleles, a Puerto Rican cuatro, Marx-O-Chime, Dobrotron, Purgatory Hill Harp, to one-off string instruments such as the Ouija Board and Cigar Box Guitar, and many more...

Continue reading: Sample Logic releases GUITAR FURY Multi-Sampled Guitar Virtual Instrument in News.

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