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SRG Sites > DigiFreq > News > Spitfire Audio releases new Spitfire Symphony Orchestra Kontakt 7 Library
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Spitfire Audio releases new Spitfire Symphony Orchestra Kontakt 7 Library
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Spitfire Audio releases new Spitfire Symphony Orchestra Kontakt 7 LibrarySpitfire Audio, the world’s leading creator of sounds and high-quality sample libraries for music makers, announces the relaunch of Spitfire Symphony Orchestra ("SSO").

Originally captured a decade ago in the state-of-the-art space of Lyndhurst Hall (also known as “The Hall”) in AIR Studios – founded by legendary producer of The Beatles and Oscar-nominated composer, Sir George Martin and known for its exceptional acoustics – and crafted by Spitfire Audio’s team of expert in-house creatives over a period of five years, SSO is recognized as the fundamental choice for the professional-tier composer and heralded by a multitude of AAA music makers worldwide.

Performed by London’s first-call orchestral players, the newly enhanced SSO sample library features a revolutionary legato programming transformation that has been created by Andrew Blaney, introducing a new level of expressiveness and realism. Composers can now attain seamless and emotive transitions between notes, skillfully capturing the subtleties of a live orchestral performance with exceptional precision.

In addition, SSO will now incorporate Percussion, Woods, Winds, Strings, Harp, and Piano. This new consolidation ensures an even richer orchestral experience, allowing composers to easily harness the power of a full symphony orchestra.

Spitfire Audio has also diligently addressed reported issues over the past few years, implementing comprehensive bug fixes to ensure optimal performance and stability. The commitment to refining the user experience underscores Spitfire Audio's dedication to providing music makers with a reliable and inspiring toolset.

Recognizing the importance of a visually intuitive and artistically inspiring interface, the “Enhanced Edition” showcases a new and consistent Kontakt 7 UI. It offers a sleek, modern design to enhance user experience, reflecting Spitfire Audio's commitment to pushing creative boundaries, whilst also prioritizing functionality.

Paul Thomson, Spitfire Audio's Co-Founder, expresses his excitement about the SSO relaunch, stating, "Our aim is to not just meet but exceed the expectations of composers. With this comprehensive relaunch, we are confident that SSO will continue to be a top choice amongst the world’s most successful composers, offering a rich and immersive orchestral experience."

One of the special aspects of Spitfire Audio's approach is its use of unique studio spaces and unconventional locations – choosing spaces with historical significance and distinctive character (such as AIR Studios) that contribute to the authenticity and variety of the sampled instruments.

Spitfire Audio embraces the imperfections and quirks of each recording space and its sound, capturing the nuances and idiosyncrasies of the environment in which the recordings take place, and if there is any single product that encompasses the very core ethos of Spitfire Audio, it is SSO.

Thomson adds, “There's something truly unique about the sound in AIR Studios. The players recorded on the sessions performed at the peak of their abilities and as a result, the samples are absolutely stunning. It's a timeless experience that we are continually nurturing – we've reimagined the legato programming, introduced a new, better user interface, and removed bugs, all while maintaining exceptional quality, ease of use and affordability. The result is a cohesive orchestral toolkit that is even more exciting now than it was when it was created a decade ago.”

For more information, visit: SpitfireAudio.com
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