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Organize Your Cakewalk Sonar Tracks with Track Icons

Written by Scott R. Garrigus - 2005, Thomson Course Technology PTR. Reprinted with Permission.
In addition to Track Folders, SONAR provides the Track Icons feature to help with the organization of tracks. Track Icons can help you quickly identify the contents of a track. Basically, this feature assigns a picture to each track in a project. This picture can be of anything you like, but SONAR provides a number of helpful Track Icons, such as pictures of musical instruments and other musical symbols. For example, you could assign a guitar picture to all your guitar tracks so that, with a quick glance at the screen, you would know what type of data is contained in those tracks.

Showing/Hiding Track Icons
You have the option to show or hide Track Icons with a quick click of the mouse. Icons are displayed in the Track view, the Console view, and the Track Inspector. You can control whether icons are shown in each individual area or in all the areas at once. To show/hide Track Icons in each area, choose Options > Icons > [name of the area] > Show Icons.

Track Icon Settings
You can also control the size of Track Icons in each area by choosing Options > Icons > [name of the area] > Large Icons or Small Icons. The Track view provides some additional settings that determine whether or not standard or custom icons are shown, and where they are shown. Choose Options > Icons > Track View > and one of the following: Show In Header, Show Custom In Header, Show In Strip.

Loading Track Icons
If you want to change a Track Icon for a specific track, right-click on the Track Icon an choose Load Track Icon from the pop-up menu to display the Open dialog box. Select a Track Icon and click Open to assign that icon to the track. If you decide you don't like that icon, you can load another one, or go back to using the default icon by right-clicking the icon and choosing Reset Track Icon from the pop-up menu.

Creating Track Icons
If you have a bit of a graphic artist nature in you, SONAR allows for the creation of your own Track Icons. It doesn't provide any tools for this purpose, so you'll need to get your hands on some graphics software. Simply create a graphic image that is 128 by 128 pixels square in size and save it as a BMP file (the standard Windows graphic file format). Put the file in your C:\Program Files\Cakewalk\SONAR 5 Producer Edition\Track Icons folder, and it will be available for you to use within SONAR.

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