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Cakewalk Sonar Quick Tips - Part 1

Written by Scott R. Garrigus - 2006, Scott R. Garrigus. All Rights Reserved.
Cakewalk Sonar is a very complex audio editing application. There are many hidden features (and even some that are in plain sight but go unnoticed). This series of quick tips helps to reveal some of those features and provide Sonar users with inside information about their favorite music sequencing software.

Quick Tip #1:
Question: How would I change a group of notes from 8th notes to 16th notes in the staff view on the same track? I want to do this on several measures at one time. After selecting the group of notes, what tool do I use?

Answer: For this type of task, you need to use the Edit > Interpolate function as follows:
1. Select your MIDI data.
2. Choose Edit > Interpolate.
3. Click the None button.
4. Put a check mark next to the Note option.
5. Click OK.
6. Enter a value (the same value) for both the Duration Min and Max parameters. This value will depend on the current Ticks Per Quarter Note setting you're using for your Project, which can be found in the Project > Options > Clock dialog box. For example, if you're using 120 tpq, then you would use a value of 30 for Duration Min and Max because there are 120 ticks per quarter note, 60 ticks per eighth note, 30 ticks per sixteenth note, etc.
7. Click OK.

Quick Tip #2:
Question: In Sonar, why is it that the groove clip pitch changing seems to affect all groove clip tracks - ie, if I have a groove clip at the start of track 1 and a groove clip at the start of track 2 and I insert markers to change the pitch, it affects both track 1 and track 2!

Answer: It's specifically made to work this way so that all your Groove clips will remain 'in tune' with one another. BUT you can change the pitch of individual clips and not have them affected by pitch markers if you'd like. Just do the following:
1. Right-click on a clip and choose Properties.
2. Click the Groove-Clips tab in the dialog box.
3. Turn off the Follow Project Pitch option.
4. Then change the pitch of the clip using the Pitch and Fine Pitch parameters.
5. Click OK.

Quick Tip #3:
Question: Do you happen to know an easy way to delete one particular event en masse--say all the kick drum events--or a certain note of a certain duration--from an event list? The Interpolate feature seems to manage a search and replace function, but how about search and delete?

Answer: Use the Edit > Select > By Filter function to select the Events that you want to delete. Then use the Edit > Delete command to delete those Events. If you have a copy of one of my Sonar Power books, read the Advanced Data Selection section in Chapter 8 for details on using the Select By Filter function.

For more information:
* Cakewalk SONAR Power! Tips (free tips and techniques for Cakewalk SONAR users)
* The Cakewalk SONAR Power! Book Series (learn SONAR with step-by-step instructions and exercises)

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