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SRG Sites > DigiFreq > News > Spitfire Audio releases Abbey Road Orchestra: Symphonic Strings sample library
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Spitfire Audio releases Abbey Road Orchestra: Symphonic Strings sample library
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Spitfire Audio releases Abbey Road Orchestra: Symphonic Strings sample librarySpitfire Audio, the world renowned producer of sample libraries, is excited to unveil Abbey Road Orchestra Symphonic Strings, the next step of their current collaboration with Abbey Road Studios.

This latest release includes the launch of:
- Abbey Road Orchestra 2nd Violins (Core and Pro)
- Abbey Road Orchestra Violas (Core and Pro)
- Abbey Road Orchestra Basses (Core and Pro)
- Abbey Road Orchestra Symphonic Strings (Core and Pro)

Abbey Road Orchestra Symphonic Strings combines all of the range’s string instruments into one plug-in: 1st Violins, 2nd Violins, Violas, Cellos and Basses. It gives users access to a 60-piece string section consisting of the world’s premier musicians, all performing in the iconic Studio One at Abbey Road.                         

The new bundle, as well as each of the five individual instruments, are available in both Core and Professional tiers.                         

Users have the option to purchase each of these virtual instruments individually or as a complete package of five instruments, even if users already own one instrument.               

All instruments in this range will be available in two tiers: Core and Professional. The Core version will consist of 82 articulations, including two multi-functional Legato patches, Long Flautando, Tremolo, Harmonics, Trills, Staccatissimo, Spiccato, Staccato, Marcato, Pizzicato and Col Legno.     

The Professional tier includes all articulations featured in Core, along with additional articulations such as all extended legato techniques like Portamento and Detache in “Extended” legato patches, as well as separate legato techniques for keyswitching.                    

The Professional tier also consists of 16 signals (including two hand- crafted mixes by GRAMMY Award-winner Simon Rhodes).                              

The Abbey Road Orchestra Symphonic Strings release continues Spitfire Audio’s journey in placing the true sound of cinema under composers’ fingertips. Spitfire Audio is the first sampling company to have been granted unrestricted access to this iconic space; the apex of orchestral production.      

All five instruments in Abbey Road Orchestra Symphonic String include Spitfire Audio’s most detailed and advanced legatos yet, developed using new methods, new charts, new performance directions, new programming techniques and development tools established in R&D sessions captured at Abbey Road.

Both tiers of the range share a new additional layer of legato intervals triggered by playing speed and velocity. This layer vastly improves playability and responsiveness of more mid to up-tempo lines.


Spitfire Audio has collaborated with the Abbey Road team - including GRAMMY Award- winner Simon Rhodes and London’s top orchestral musicians - to capture the most detailed and responsive virtual string library ever created.

The release will include meticulously recorded violas, basses and second violins. Music makers will have the choice of putting together their own collection of the new libraries piece by piece or acquiring the entire string section (including the recently released 1st Violins and Cellos) as a bundle.

As ever, the level of detail employed by Spitfire Audio for this collection has been second to none. The release was produced employing over 950,000 raw samples, performed during 285 hours of recording across 95 sessions and thousands of hours of inspired editing.


The highly anticipated Abbey Road Orchestra Symphonic Strings will sit alongside the rest of Spitfire Audio’s Abbey Road range as the next phase of this definitive orchestral library.

Composers and producers already have access to libraries such as Abbey Road Orchestra 1st Violins and Abbey Road Orchestra Cellos.The arrival of these three new stringed instruments will see the completion of this virtual string collection, taking this meticulously crafted series to a whole new level.

Renowned for its high level of detail, the Abbey Road Orchestra series invites users to sample the most internationally acclaimed orchestral musicians performing in the legendary Studio One at Abbey Road Studios. The series already includes a set of meticulously curated percussion libraries, including High Percussion, Low Percussion, and Metal Percussion, performed by world-renowned percussionist Joby Burgess.


Studio One has hosted some of the most pivotal, orchestral moments in cinematic and musical history. From John Williams’ score for Return of the Jedi to the genre melding and mould breaking Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

No other sampling company has been invited to Studio One for these purposes. Whilst the previously released Film Scoring Selections scratched the surface of what is possible, Abbey Road Orchestra Symphonic Strings offers the highest possible quality sounds for professional composers and industry leaders.

Spitfire Audio’s Co-Founder, Paul Thomson said “We’re so fortunate to have been granted yet further access to this beautiful sounding space to capture this next collection of instruments. This series is the culmination of over 20 years of sampling experience and innovation. We’ve kept music makers in mind in creating something which prioritises creativity and ease of use, without sacrificing performance and nuance. We’re dedicated to sharing an incredible selection of curated instruments, delivered with the highest precision and immense detail, to take the standard of orchestral sampling to new heights. This is a long-term project and we are very excited to share more with composers over the coming years”.

Sally Davies, Managing Director of Abbey Road said, “Through the Orchestra series, Spitfire Audio has managed to capture the magic of Studio One in unprecedented detail. They understand exactly what makes the studio the home for classical, film and game music production. As ever, the team has handled the process with due care and, more importantly, due passion”.

Mirek Stiles, Head of Audio Products at Abbey Road said, “This has been a labour of love and it’s immensely satisfying to share the entire string section with music creators around the world. The sonic and musical pallets presented here are utterly engrossing and truly beautiful. With the foundations of the percussion and strings laid down, both Spitfire and Abbey Road are excited to continue expanding on this remarkable presentation of the legendary Studio One sound in its full glory”.

For more information, visit: SpitfireAudio.com
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