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Spitfire Audio has released the AIR Studios Reverb effects plug-in
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Spitfire Audio has released the AIR Studios Reverb effects plug-inSpitfire Audio, the world-renowned creator of high-quality sample libraries for composers and music makers proudly presents the release of their first effects plug-in, AIR Studios Reverb, in collaboration with London’s iconic AIR Studios. Marking a significant milestone, AIR Studios has extended unprecedented access to Spitfire Audio, enabling them to sample their unique acoustics for the very first time.

The launch comes after two years of research and technological development. With AIR Reverb, artists can create exactly the sound they want by positioning anywhere in AIR Studios using Spitfire Audio’s “Virtual Positioning Technology.” Spitfire Audio has utilized Impulse Response technology which allows for the recording and reproducing of a room’s response to an audio signal positioned within the room thus meticulously crafting the user’s chosen ambience. With Spitfire having recorded over 67,000 Impulse Responses, AIR Studios Reverb offers a level of detail greater than any Impulse Response reverb currently available.

Configurable Hall settings – including Canopy Height, Canopy Material, and Gallery Damping – allow composers and music makers to tailor the acoustics of the space to their preferences and bring to life any virtual instrument.

Through creating a dynamic, flexible and highly detailed convolution reverb that seamlessly captures the unique image of the space and aesthetics in The Hall, composers and music makers are able to customize their sound with absolute precision using a vast collection of carefully curated, tweakable presets by AIR Studios’ award-winning engineers, to suit any style, genre or instrument. In addition, artists can access an extensive range of sound engineering opportunities with curated presets and mix a collection of world-class engineered signals using some of the industry’s most renowned equipment. Spitfire Audio’s first effects plug-in, AIR Reverb, is available in any modern DAW (Digital Audio Workspace).

Spitfire Audio’s Co-Founder, Paul Thomson said, “I’ve been recording in AIR Lyndhurst Hall for 17 years. The team are incredibly talented and The Hall is a beautiful acoustic, one of the most musical spaces for recording in the world. Having spent many hours in this room recording everything from full orchestras performing my own music for film, television and video games, to individual instruments performing every technique imaginable, I feel like I know this room intimately. What our team has created here is astonishing. I can close my eyes and I’m sitting in AIR listening to the sound of the room. I’m enormously excited for AIR and Spitfire Audio to be able to share this legendary space with music makers around the world, to bring a touch of the AIR magic to their own recordings and productions.”

In The Hall, musicians and microphone setups are usually arranged in one of two ways. Typically, musicians face the control room and galleries with the conductor's back to the control room creating controlled and balanced acoustics. The alternative way involves musicians facing the organ with the galleries behind them. This method is synonymous with the sound of Hans Zimmer scores recorded at AIR Studios and is arguably The Hall's most recognizable sound. To emulate both of these orientations in the plug-in, the team set up a mirror image of microphones on The Hall floor. Then, through recording with speaker positions in multiple orientations, the plugin is able to recreate either setup and instantly swap between them.

With a selection of mic signals available, from the classic Decca tree to ambient mics in the gallery and overheads in the canopy, composers and music makers can orient their virtual performers and fine tune the microphone balance as though they were at the console in the control room. The canopy can be lowered and raised and different treatments applied to the room. Further reverberation and EQ controls allow the sound to be altered even beyond what is possible in the real world. This all results in top level recording across all production types.

Technical Director of AIR Studios, Simon Knee: “In the late 1980’s Sir George Martin discovered Lyndhurst Hall had one of the world’s most beautiful acoustics. The creation of AIR Studios enabled recording in a space that musicians love to play in and that elevates every performance. We see this as an essential tool to help composers, sound engineers and producers achieve the best results they can.

For more than 16 years, Spitfire Audio has worked in constant partnership with AIR Studios, home to blockbuster productions including Gladiator, The Grand Budapest Hotel, Wonka, Saltburn, and The Dark Knight. Situated at AIR Studios, Lyndhurst Hall, commonly known as "The Hall," has served as the primary location for Spitfire Audio's instrument sampling endeavors from the very beginning, fostering a profound bond between the company and the studio team. The AIR Studios Reverb release represents the culmination of Spitfire Audio's long standing relationship with AIR Studios and their joint dedication to innovation and excellence in music technology.

Speaking about the new plug-in, the Head of Product at Spitfire Audio, Elliot Greenhill says, "Our traditional medium has always been media composition, rooted in the rich heritage of AIR Studios. Our deep connection with the space and its talented team has shaped our journey, from early recordings to ongoing collaborations. As Spitfire Audio continues to evolve, we strive to guide everyone in the music-making process, exploring the essence of what truly brings music to life. From instruments to the intricate spaces that envelop sound, we recognize that reverb is the undeniable backbone of any piece of music."


- Choose the position anywhere in The Hall, with proprietary Virtual Positioning Technology
- Ability to adjust the virtual source radiation
- Select and mix between eight different stereo mic signals
- Configurable hall settings, including Canopy Height, Canopy Material, and Gallery Damping
- Ability to flip the direction of virtual performers and mic setups to match two key uses of The Hall
- Fine-tuning options for adjusting source characteristics and mic signals
- Comprehensive signal control with input signal filtering, Direct, Early Reflections & Tail level adjustments, and graphical EQ
- Extensive preset library catering to various instruments, moods, and setups
- Download size: ~10GB

For more information, visit: SpitfireAudio.com
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