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eMedia Music Releases EarMaster Pro 6
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eMedia Music Corp., publisher of the world’s best-selling series of music tutorial software, announces the North American release of EarMaster Pro 6 through its partnership with EarMaster ApS of Denmark. The new version adds hundreds of new features to the ear-training program, as well as brand new activities such as real-time sight-singing exercises and singing back melodies by ear.

Building upon the legacy of successful previous versions, the radically overhauled EarMaster Pro 6 has been designed for all musicians and singers at any level. EarMaster has over 1 Million users worldwide. It includes over 2000 new lessons available through 2 complete courses: a standard course (all styles) and a Jazz course (with swing rhythms and jazz chords). The activities included in EarMaster Pro 6 enable trained but also untrained musicians to practice their abilities to identify by ear, transcribe, sight-read and play back intervals, chords, scales, rhythms and melodies. Most of the new features and improvements of EarMaster Pro 6 are user requests that the company received from users from around the world, from musicians of all levels, to leading music schools such as Berklee College of Music where music students use the program.

EarMaster Pro 6 has also been vastly reworked under the hood, packing a new sound playback engine using SoundFonts, lower latency for rhythm clapping, and a new real-time pitch detection algorithm provided by Mu Technologies. All enhancements of this new version have been incorporated with one major aim: to boost productivity and efficiency.

Here are some of the major new features of EarMaster Pro 6:
- New activity: Melodic Sight-Singing
- New activity: Melody Imitation
- Over 2000 new lessons
- New streamlined interface
- New notation engine featuring 2 types of notation: standard and jazz (Real Book style)
- New vocal range setting that adapts the lessons to the user's vocal range
- Addition of a Solfege keyboard in addition to the existing on-screen interfaces (staff, piano, guitar, banjo, violin, cello, mandolin, multiple-choice buttons, etc.)
- Database of melodies and lead sheets for sight-singing and melody imitation [preview of next free update]
- New pitch detection algorithm provided by Mu Technologies
- New sound playback engine with possibility to load SoundFonts (.sf2)
- Revised questioning engine that adapts to the user's score
- New fingerboard interface with 2 options: Rosewood and Maple
- And hundreds of other improvements

EarMaster Pro 6 licenses are Windows and Mac compatible (Win 8/7/Vista/XP and Mac OS 10.5+ Intel). Upon release, 6 languages will be included: English (US and UK), French, German, Spanish, Italian and Danish. More translations are on their way, and the developer is aiming to eventually make EarMaster available in at least the same 25 languages as were available with version 5.

EarMaster Pro 6 will be released right in time for the holidays in November 2012 and will be available at retail stores nationwide and online at an estimated retail price of $59.95. The CD-ROM will be a hybrid for both Windows and Macintosh platforms and the software will also be available for download at emediamusic.com and select online retailers.

Additional information: EarMaster Pro Ear-Training Software
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