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SRG Sites > DigiFreq > News > Propellerhead Software proudly presents: Sonic Reality ReFills
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Propellerhead Software proudly presents: Sonic Reality ReFills
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Sonic Refills Vol. 11: Retro Keys downloadable ReFill
This easy to use ReFill includes a massive collection of keyboard sounds!
Focusing on standard first call keyboard sounds ranging from organs to pads to electric pianos, leads, basses and more for the ultimate session rig inside Reason's NNXT sampler. With distinct character sounds going back in time from the late 1960's to the late 90's, this collection has the sounds to do styles of music ranging from New Wave to Disco to Pop, Rock, R&B, Jazz and more.

From analog synths to digital synths and the most sought after vintage keyboards this collection is a great companion to our Instruments of the 60's & 70's and Vintage Drum refills giving you the ability to make music that can sound like any era including that latest popular music that relies heavily on classic vintage sounds.
275 MB data, organized in 243 NNXT patches

Sonic Refills Vol. 19: Vocal Textures downloadable ReFill
From male and female vocal pad sounds heard on major motion picture soundtracks to weaving textures of "oohs", "ahhs", "mmms" and other vowels sung by top professional singers from around the world like Jason Scheff (Chicago), Roger Manning (Jellyfish, Beck) and more, Sonic Reality's new Vocal Textures ReFill fills the need.

From choirs to pads, this top quality sound collection gives Reason users powerful expressive human voice sounds for the NNXT sampler at an incredible price. Now also including patches for the Combinator.
422 MB data, organized in 166 NNXT patches

Sonic Refills Vol. 20: Mello-T downloadable ReFill
For the ultimate in lo-fi nostalgia, this accurate sampling of the vintage Mellotron? and Chamberlin? tape-based keyboards brings an incredible sound sought after by so many musicians these days.

From the classic "Strawberry Field Flutes" to the ominous "Tron Choirs" to the moody blue sound of violins and strings, this value packed refill brings thousands of dollars worth of collectible vintage "Trons" to Reason's NNXT sampler.
374 MB data, organized in 63 NNXT patches

For more information: www.propellerheads.se
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