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Artist/Band: Project One
Category/Genre: Jazz
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Listen to: MoonWaves (Project One) @ CDBaby

Good things come to those who wait…& now…4 of the 70's best undiscovered Jazz & Rock artists have come together to form Project One. An eclectic mix of smart tunes & tight jams, ranging from Fusion to West Coast Rock…highlight this, their debut CD: 'MoonWaves'.

Lunar Records’ first release; “MoonWaves”, by Project One…is a spell-caster and exhilarating 'soul surfeit', to say the least. Philadelphia area legends Eric “Cruize” Henderson, mw4man, Barry D. Roberts and Aniko Somogyi form a multi-talented lineup of singing, songwriting, sculptors of sound…who present a debut album filled to the brim with distinctive compositions, inventive arrangements and studio superchops. MoonWaves is an airtight, well executed mixed bag of progressive jazz and solid rock, leading the listener across a diverse musical landscape carved from stylish modes, syncopated rhythms and original refrain. From the opening chords of the soaring Philly Jazz sizzler, “Visitor #2”...through the album’s grand finale; the jubilant and resounding Retro-British Rocker, “Happy To Be Here Now”...the sound and extraordinary spirit found in these tracks will provide an uplifting, total sonic experience for anyone who loves the art of music.

The band members all hail from varying musical backgrounds and influences as well (while all sharing a common thread)...Henderson arriving from Rock & Soul, R&B, Contemporary Jazz, Psychedelic Rock and Fusion... 4man from Rock & Roll, Acid Rock, Jazz Rock and Pop/Rock... Roberts from Folk-Rock, Pop-Soul and Juju/Yoruba…& Somogyi from Vocal Jazz and Contemporary Female Singer/Songwriter. They can collectively claim as their musical influences no less than the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Dave Brubeck, Joni Mitchell, Dizzy Gillespie, The Beatles, Wes Montgomery, James Taylor, Freddie Hubbard, Laura Nyro, Billy Cobham, Steely Dan, Charlie Christian…& just about every important Motown act to ever chart a hit 45.

The sonic skills developed by these players over many years show up in grand scale for this record. The songs are protogenic and well crafted…the vocals solid and powerful...and the music thoroughly top-flite. The recording and production quality on MoonWaves are exceptional as well, as is the album’s mastering, by Ed Littman.

Project One:
Cruize Henderson: Guitar, Piano/Keyboards/Synthesizers, Bass
mw4man: Vocals, Tenor Guitar, Drums, Piano/Synth/Bass/FX SEQ
Barry D. Roberts: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Affricussion
Aniko Somogyi: Vocals, Acoustic Piano

Listen to: MoonWaves (Project One) @ CDBaby
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