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Matt Blaque

Artist/Band: Matt Blaque
Category/Genre: R&B/Soul
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Listen to: Matt Blaque (Matt Blaque)

Nowadays the music world is overrated with hip-hop/R&B singers who claim they're the next big thing. Stealing the tried-and-true style handbooks of soul legends such as Marvin, Stevie, Aretha or Donny, many find it easier to imitate greatness rather than produce it themselves. But every now and then, we stumble across the true real deal artist who's not only gifted with true talent, exceptional songwriting skills and production skills, but who also possesses the kind of originality and vision to back it all up. R&B fans can definitely rejoice with East Oakland, California-based songwriter/producer/singer Matt Blaque is the truth.

Some reviews from CDBaby.com...

Reviewer: Ruth Dussard
Although there are a few tracks which are not my cup of tea, a bit up tempo for me, that does not mean to say that all of the tracks are not very good. In fact most of then are excellent! I was initially looking for the track Diamond in the Ruff and was becoming increasingly frustrated when NO ONE knew who the artist was. So it was not only nice to find the artist and track that I was looking for, but it was even better to find an album where all the tracks can be listened to, instead of having to skip tracks to find the ones that you want to hear. R & B fans will be very pleased with this purchase and even the faster beats can certainly get you on the dance (and even your living room) floor. Hopefully there will be more songs/albums to look forward to! Off to purchase my CD!

Reviewer: Rob "R-Dubb" Warren
I'm just gonna give the people a synopsis of a few of the tracks that I've heard. Dranks on Me - Melodious, laid back club track with street edge and R&B smoothness. Why'd you have to leave me - Sounds very much like a B2K or IMX track but a little more mature. Girlfriend - Very Very laid back. Song that would get late night air play or ap from an adult contemporary station. Has a taste of a Lenny Kravitz song to it. Freakin Me feat Peoplez- West Coast Club Track.. with a lot of balla speak. Superficial and bootilicious but if you takeit for what it is.. it's still will get you grindin in the club. Gottsta be me - Featuring Cozmo- By far one of the best tracks on the CD... Go cop it ya'll Matt Blaque..doin it for the West Side of R&B.

Listen to: Matt Blaque (Matt Blaque)
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