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Island Boy

Artist/Band: Young Blee
Category/Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
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Listen to: Island Boy (Young Blee)

Ever wondered what 39.5 square miles of volcanic activity could produce? Now you do - 'Young B-L double E' as he often puts it is bringing the heat right to the doorstep. With as much fire on top of beats as he has behind them, this artist is definitely looking to make some major moves in the industry!

Being born and raised in a married family household is not a typical background for a Hip-Hop artist. Blee grew up with a strong sense of family values, culture and discipline, which is very prominent in his character.

Due to volcanic activity on his home island of Montserrat, he was forced to leave his family behind in his early teenage years. This lead to him becoming very attached to music and using it as his main channel of self-expression. He started out producing beats for other artists, but his frustration with their lack of drive and passion lead to him developing his own lyrical ability and style.

"Keeping it real" is a term that is often associated with Hip-Hop artists and Blee definitely achieves this. He is proud of where he is from and is always ready to represent Montserrat to the fullest. He acknowledges that he is the man he is today because of his upbringing on the island.

The influence of Hip-Hop on his style was inevitable. Whilst the islands do have their own music and culture, they are heavily influenced by North America. The Caribbean has adapted Hip-Hop as part of their culture which Blee expresses comfortably in his flow.

His hunger for success was misguided in the initial stages of his career which led to a few premature album projects, but he is now coming of age and ready to deliver his new album 'Island Boy.'

The album clearly highlights Blee's passion for the ladies. His laid back island attitude and charm is so evident on tracks like 'Body Language' and 'Invite Me', but he shows a lot of versatility in energy with tracks like 'Turn It Up' and 'Let's Play'. All in all 'Island Boy' is an original and well-constructed album which paints a vivid image of the one and only Young Blee.

Listen to: Island Boy (Young Blee)
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