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SoundTech Ships LightSnake-Powered Vocal Training Package
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SoundTech Professional Audio, a division of US Music Corporation, announced the availability of the SoundTech Vocal Trainer, an intelligent LightSnake-Powered vocal training system that enables anyone to improve their singing ability quickly and easily. The vocal training package connects with and harnesses the power of a PC, providing everything needed for singers of all levels to improve their abilities in the privacy of their own home. The SoundTech Vocal Trainer can take amateur vocalists from singing in the shower to singing on stage -- with confidence.

The SoundTech Vocal Trainer kit includes the SoundTech LightSnake Intelligent XLR cable with patented "Live when Lit" technology, tripod microphone desk stand, professional microphone and Electronic Learning Products' SingingCoach software.

SingingCoach, developed by Electronic Learning Products, features the "learn-to-sing" system implemented in the TUNEin(TM) to Reading software also by Electronic Learning Products. TUNEin to Reading was recently named the first place winner in the software category and given an honorable mention overall for the Wall Street Journal's Innovation of the Year Award. The Wall Street Journal Innovation of the Year Award recognizes technological advancements by individuals, companies and organizations worldwide in a broad range of areas, including software, hardware, the Internet, wireless and broadcasting.

"The SoundTech Vocal Trainer can help singers of all skill levels improve their abilities without the intimidation, cost or hassle of one-on-one voice lessons," said Larry English, president of Consumer Division at US Music Corp. "Our LightSnake technology coupled with the SingingCoach software provides aspiring singers with a streamlined, affordable and stress-free solution to improve vocals and start singing on key in minutes."

The SoundTech Vocal Trainer's SingingCoach software combines patent-pending vocal range analyzer technology with animated on-screen vocal coaching to teach people at all levels to sing better. Vocalists interact with 20 tutorials, determine vocal range and see real-time visual feedback for their voice while practicing songs and exercises. SingingCoach comes with 12 all-time favorite songs and a certificate for four additional practice song downloads.

The included LightSnake Intelligent XLR Microphone Cable plugs directly into the PC USB port, for a streamlined and clutter-free setup. The LightSnake features SoundTech's patented "Live when Lit" technology cable ends that glow and flash indicating when sound is being transmitted.

SoundTech Vocal Trainer features:
-- Complete vocal training solution
-- Patented vocal range analyzer technology uses PC for real-time visual feedback
-- Patented LightSnake "Live when Lit" technology cable ends light up indicating when sound is being transmitted
-- Digital quality sound input without the need for a sound card
-- Embedded A/D chip technology with audio signal boost eliminates the need for additional signal conversion devices
-- Simple USB plug-and-play connectivity

SoundTech Vocal Trainer includes:
-- LightSnake XLR Intelligent Microphone Cable
-- High-quality dynamic microphone
-- Tripod desk stand with microphone clip
-- Electronic Learning Products' SingingCoach software
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