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Let The Candle Burn

Artist/Band: Natalie Brown
Category/Genre: R&B/Soul
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Listen to: Let The Candle Burn (Natalie Brown)

This stunning 13 song debut collection by singer/songwriter Natalie Brown is sure to please any R&B/Pop/Soul listener. Well crafted lyrics with emotional production and performance make this a timeless CD to add to your collection.

Artist Bio:
There's little chance that you'll hear Natalie Brown sing or speak and not be moved by the refreshing texture in her voice. This emotive Soulful Pop / Contemporary R&B - Singer/Songwriter with a soulful and powerful 4.5 octave range translates her life experiences into songs that inspire, entertain, empower, and provoke.

Since the late 2000 release of her debut album Let the Candle Burn, Natalie has performed at venues throughout North America, remained in the top 10 on the Internet's most recognized charts and gained a loyal following of fans. Her single Run Away was featured with songs from Major label artists in Promo-Only's Rhythm Radio series. Natalie's songs have been played via online and commercial radio world-wide. Billboard notes her as one of the Top 10 Emerging Talents. Music from her debut has been licensed to Film & TV (HBO, NBC, Paramount Pictures, VH1, MTV) and international companies (Colgate-Palmolive) for commercial spots. 'Confused' was an honorable mention song in the 2001 Billboard Song contest and 'Let The Candle Burn' won the Just Plain Folks Music Award for Best R&B Song of 2001. The album was runner-up for JPF's Best R&B Album 2001.

After taking some time off from touring to rest, Natalie returned to the studio to record the 2003 Holiday album entitled A Cool Christmas, a 10 song Cool R&B/Pop influenced collection of Holiday favorites.

Much to the delight of fans eagerly awaiting new material, Spring 2004 saw the US release of Natalie's singles 'I Wonder' and 'Queen of Me'. The songs garnered tremendous attention and In July 2004, 'Queen of Me' was released by Avex, Inc. Japan on the Soul Essentials 7 series with songs by Rahsaan Patterson, Earth, Wind & Fire and others. This confirmed Natalie's wide appeal and set the stage for an exciting international career.

In 'Let The Candle Burn,' Natalie displays a range of subject matter, tempo and mood throughout the album with sensual ballads and gritty mid and up-tempo tracks. The title track 'Let The Candle Burn' gets you up on your feet, while the mid-tempo 'More Today Than Yesterday' has your fingers snapping to the beat. 'Wind At My Back' inspires while 'Confused' provokes.

Listen to: Let The Candle Burn (Natalie Brown)
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