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Cooch Music's 4th Amateur Songwriting Contest
"The contest is currently running Jan 1st, 2002 thru June 30th, 2002. Their 4th contest has over $9000.00 in total prizes and an entry fee of only $10.00 per song (US dollars). All the prizes are designed to help further the career of the amateur songwriter." Click here for more info.

Also, new announcements from MusicLab and Electronisounds in News.
Sweetwater Introduces SetMaker 2.0
"Sweetwater is happy to announce the new version of our popular freeware application for Mac OSX/OS9 and Windows. SetMaker 2.0 is here and it's filled with lots of new features to help you make better set lists faster." Click here for more info.

Also, new announcements from Pioneer, Emagic, Edirol, and Steinberg in News.
Radio Airplay 101 - Commercial Airplay Myths
"Good songs do not mystically spread to other stations. Every single song you hear on commercial regular-rotation radio is on that station because of layers of promotion and marketing. The song you hear was the one that made it." Click here to read this MusicDish article.

Also, new announcements from Cakewalk, Roxio, and Syntiac in News.
Boston Music Awards
"The kick-off event for NEMO Music Showcase & Conference, the Boston Music Awards is the most prestigious annual music event in Boston for musicians. In a city that boasts thousands of bands, the BMA pays tribute to Boston’s finest musicians with a star-studded show at the historic 2,700-seat Orpheum Theatre that combines live performances and awards presentations. It is the perfect way to kick off NEMO’s nighttime events." Click here for more info.

Also, new announcements from Cakewalk Music Software, Electronisounds, Root Solutions, and Ableton in News.
Steinberg Announces Cubase SX
"With Cubase SX, Steinberg takes the next step and presents the most powerful and intuitive Cubase ever. Cubase SX dazzles with intelligent MIDI Input and processing tools, new virtual instruments and effects, easy-to-use editing, scoring, 5.1 Surround, mixing and mastering - with a fresh user interface and a brand new software engine, for Windows 2000/XP and Mac OS X. Cubase SX has been fully reengineered and includes the latest technologies from Steinberg's digital audio laboratories. Cubase SX offers new handling and breathtaking performance, all designed specifically to support the creativity of today's musicians." Click here for more info.

Also, new announcements from Perception Digital, CenDyne, Ahead, GEAR, and Steinberg in News.
Jim Beam Launches New Rock Band Search
"Two of the world's leading sources for music news and the world's best-selling bourbon have partnered to find another leader - the best band you've never heard of. In 2002, Jim Beam Bourbon,, and Rolling Stone magazine aim to introduce a new sampling of promising talent to a nationwide audience, through the new online Jim Beam Rock Band Search." To get involved with the Jim Beam Rock Band Search, click here.

Also, check out the new announcements from TDK, Waves, Native Instruments, and NTONYX in News.
Cakewalk Announces SONAR 2.0!
"Cakewalk today announced SONAR 2.0, the latest version of their award-winning digital multitrack recording system. Includes Cyclone DXi Groove Sampler; ReWire 2.0 Support; Graphical Drum Editor; Virtual Sound Canvas 1.5 and DreamStation 2.0 DXi Synths; ReValver SE Guitar Amp Simulator; Global Support for Control Surface Hardware; Advanced Project Filing for Improved Asset Management. Click here for more info.
DVD-AUDIO Shows Promise, Except Among Consumers
"Picture black suited men and women, sitting around a large corporate table as if they were honorable knights ordered to save us from technological deprivation. Behold, they shout. We bring you DVD-Audio." Click here to read this MusicDish article.

And check out the new announcements from Soundforest, Bantam, and LinPlug in News.
All copies of the latest DigiFreq newsletter issue have been sent out. If you didn't receive yours, it's probably because your e-mail inbox was full. In that case, please empty your inbox and then download the newsletter from the Issues section of the site.

The new MusicMatch Jukebox Deluxe contest is now underway. To sign up for the contest, click here!

If you are using the FM7 software synth from Native Instruments and have been experiencing trouble with the initial release, you'll be happy to hear that the 1.02 update is now available for free download. This new update provides 10 different fixes and adds a couple of new features as well. To grab the update, click here.

There are also new announcements from Taudinvar, GenieSys, and Stomp in News.
DigiFreq 14 - Optimizing your Audio PC

Issue 14 has been published! Here's what you'll find in this issue:

1. Scott's Notes - Windows Vista
2. DFreqCONTEST - MusicMatch Jukebox Deluxe
3. DFreqDEALS - LiveSynth Pro SoundFont Player
4. DFreqNEWS - Band-in-a-Box 11.0b, Logic 5, SampleRat and more...
5. DFreqDISCUSS - Deleting Part of a Cakewalk Track
6. DFreqFEATURE - Optimizing your Audio PC
7. DFreqSHAREWARE - Audio Companion and DJ Jukebox
8. DFreqFREEWARE - Audacity and Spectrogram
9. DFreqBUYWARE - eMedia Guitar Songs 1
10. DFreqTIP - Changing MIDI Controllers
11. DFreqFUN - DJ Fu: Wax Attack 2
12. DFreqNEXT - Using VST Plug-ins

To read this issue, you need to be a subscriber. If you're not already, just click here. It's free!
(If you are already a subscriber, please allow 3 to 5 days for delivery of your issue.)
Ozone DFreqDEAL - All Done
The special deal on iZotope's Ozone has ended. Don't worry, I'll be lining up some more cool deals for you in the future. In the meantime, you can check out the Ozone review.

And there are still deals available for LiveSynth Pro and the SpinAudio Effects Bundle. Check'em out!
BIAS, Inc is interested in your opinion...
"We are interested in feedback from users like you to help guide our current and future product development efforts. If you are interested in helping us create the very best audio production tools, then please follow the link below, and complete the short online survey. We'll even send you a free CD wallet as a thank you gift!" Click here for more info.

And check out the new announcements from Yamaha, Cakewalk, CutterMusic, and Virtual Laboratories in News.
A few topics today...

1) The new DigiFreq logo! I've designed a new logo for DigiFreq, and I'd like your opinion on it. Click here to let me know what you think. Thanks!

2) Selling CDs Online: A Three-Pronged Approach. Click here to read this new MusicDish article.

3) New announcements from Sonic Foundry and Electronisounds in News.

Have a great weekend!
Independent Musicfest 2002
"Music! Music! Music! Like a little of this style and a lot of that? We have it all as the Tennessee State Fairgrounds come alive once again with Independent MusicFest 2002 to be held in Nashville, TN June 12-15." Click here for more info.

And check out the new announcements from FXpansion and Kenfen in News.
Free Harmonica Lessons
"Harmonica - the complete online instruction manual - benefits harmonica players of all ages, levels, and styles. The site is especially geared toward beginning harmonica players, with emphasis on harmonica selection, basic playing techniques, and step-by-step instruction for advancement. Even beginners can learn to play like their favorites: Bob Dylan, Neil Young, John Popper (Blues Traveler), Paul Butterfield, Steven Tyler (Aerosmith), Sonny Boy Williamson, James Cotton, John Lennon, Mick Jagger, or Bruce Springsteen."

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